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How a dog lives in India? (Must read)

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Dogs are the best friends of humans and since history they have been a perfect choice for people especially because of their extra cute looks and their protection traits. Just like humans dog also has different traits and behavior which depends on the breed and type. For example Labrador breed is considered a fun loving and emotional dog and German shepherd is considered an aggressive guard dog. But Indian people have very less knowledge about these traits of dogs instead they choose dog according to its looks which basically depends on the level of cuteness or harshness. The dogs are much liked and loved when they are a puppy and hated and ignored when they grow up. 

Indian people don’t really have much time for their dogs which can be seen in most of the cases where the servants get the golden job of care and potty training. A dog is an animal and hence it is obvious that he cannot act and behave sensible like a human but still most of the Indian guardians expect a dog to behave like a gentle man since the day he enters the house. A dog entry in the house is just like an entry of a new bride who is welcomed and liked by some members and hated and disliked by some members. 

When the decision of having a dog is cooked by the children in a house some members support it and some don’t. In most of the cases fathers are against this very idea but sooner or later surrender in front of the kids. As i said above a dog is liked only when he is a puppy in most of the cases and hated as he gets older. As the puppy enters the house things start getting different on the first day itself. Although some weeks go easy and enjoyable as a cute little live soft toy cheers the house and the children also takes care of him very nicely but as the puppy starts taking shape of a dog, his needs and his potty habit becomes large and till that time the children who were so eager becomes dull and bored with their new live toy. Soon the rope of the dog gets the new hand of the servant who exerts his anger and irritation on the dog by either chaining him for long or by beating him which he usually do at the time of dog walk when owners are not present. 

A dog is just like a dumb handicapped child who cannot clean his potty by himself and cannot even get his food from the table so it’s obvious that he needs special care and when the family members get tired in taking care of the special one they deliver this load on the shoulders of the servant and it is a bitter reality that servant can never give the comfort to the dog and especially when the dog does not belong to him. Soon the time comes when servant run away and already busy family finds it difficult to manage the dog. The children who were so eager to get the dog earlier now find out excuses to ignore the dog and as the poor dog gets no attention he barks all the time, he shits wherever he wants and urinates wherever he desires and as the house gets dirty by this the anger of the head of the family usually gets raised up at a peak height. He beats the dog, yells at him and finds out ways to get rid of him. 

The neighbors, who were already jealous by the dog, dig out lame excuses to crack quarrels on the issue of dog. Some neighbors complain of barking and some of potty but in all this mess there is no one to support that poor dog who does not know the reason of quarrel. It has been seen that sometimes the most heinous human fights have happened on the issue of dog and in most of the cases such issues are only cooked by outsiders which include neighbors, strangers and even tenants. Although Section 11 (1) (a) to (o) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 prescribes and enumerates different forms of cruelty to animals but still the common Indian people do not have any information of the same. most of the time it has been seen that dog owners face unwanted harassment and threatening for having dogs besides the fact that anyone who threatens or intimidates any person taking care of dogs is liable for criminal intimidation under Section 503 of Indian Penal Code and can be arrested without a warrant but still lack of unawareness creates a scary situation for dog owners who gets unwanted humiliation from dog haters. 

The interesting fact is that most of the dog haters basically does not hate the stray dogs as much as the they hate their neighbors dog as seeing the neighbor having the one creates an incurable jealousy and hatred which causes unwanted tension in them. Although there are many people who hate stray dogs and are prone to throwing stones on them with the excuse of rabies but still there are also many who adopt stray dogs. As the dogs get older they even face sickness and disease and this is the only time when most of the dogs are thrown out of the houses. Some pet owners tap their back by saying that they have given their dearest dog to the adoption centers but the reality of most of the adoption centers is as scary as some aggressive dog. 

Most of these centers do have a very catchy and caring websites but the real atmosphere is opposite of the virtual atmosphere they disclose. Most of these adoption centers fetch dogs just like a bunch of herds and treat them just like an ignorant teacher who throws the lecture without even knowing the subject. The thing is people love dogs but not as a creature but as a toy and the haters hate dog as they consider dog as a burden and not as a creature. Until and unless these two mindsets change dog will be compelled to live on the old basic Indian theory “DHOBI KA KUTTA GHAR KA NA GHAT KA”...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Is your whey protein killing you?

Today’s fast and urbanized world has compelled the human of today to be Modern and advanced as well. From super cars to high-rise buildings to even human body everything is changing and needing advancement. In all this race of superiority and perfection humans are fighting hard to look perfect no matter how much costs they have to offer for the same.

 If we talk about fitness industry of India, there has been a great change today. Gyms are everywhere and people are actually taking out time for it , thanks to the super concerned Indian male celebrities who inspire millions to go to gym and this never ending quest of attaining that perfect body is making Indians go very far. Today almost every Indian young men craves for six pack abs and biceps and in order to achieve the same they are less dependent on gym machines and more rely on supplements and steroids as most of them believe that these medicines are a magic pill which will melt all the fat from their body and give them that perfect celebrity body. 

Gone are those days when Indian people used to walk for miles in the open air to achieve fitness, well this tradition is only surviving on the shoulders of oldies as the newbie’s are only seen pumping in the gym. The most important thing to notice in all this is the crave to achieve the perfect glam body in shortest possible time and to get the things fast there are many fast ways out there which are either prescribed illegally or availed intentionally. India is still a developing country so it’s really tough to expect an urbanized fitness ideology. 

There are many gyms today but not a wide fitness consciousness which is also an important factor which lead to wrong practice of Indian fitness business. As anyone joins the gym the first thing most of the trainers advocate is taking supplements and the more the supplements the more the visible results and this theory is so seriously stated by trainers that the dummies first purchase that shit and later do the bicep curl and if the result is not coming, double the dosage or shift the brand. Most of these so called supplements are adulterated and fake and the reason behind that is no Indian production of the same.

 Almost all the supplements are imported today as India is still not so technologically advanced to produce high quality whey protein or creatine or casein, or cla etc. All these words may be known to today’s youngsters but for a common man they are just another English alien word they have heard first time. This unawareness gives chances to black market and illegal markets that replicate the same brands and their packaging and sell the fake supplements to the people. These fake supplements are mostly pushed by trainers and are easily accepted as every dummy beginner considers their trainer as the Greek god who has came to engulf him in the world of masculinity and heroism. Most of the fake supplements offer nothing but a jar of shit loaded with steroids which can even kill anyone but again illiteracy provokes them to trust such brands.

 Well there are millions of fake supplements scattered in gyms and shops and there is no serious way to detect them. There are very few importers who actually have licence and legal rights but still not everyone is aware about them. As usual the Indian food and drug authorities are silent and are not as serious as they were in the case of noodles. Well most of these supplements work wonders but you never know which one to trust so easily. Although there are wide range of American brands but still the purity is the absolute concern. 

The most important thing is that one does not know which supplement is causing a particular disease and mostly the one which is adulterated will never be caught as the only thing most of the fake supplements do is increase the heart rate and later on a severe heart attack which can be considered a consequence of many activities. There are two reasons for being crazy for these supplements .The first reason for being addicted to this protein shit is gains which are believed to be achieved by pure form of proteins, amino acids, glutamine and creatine and the second reason of getting addicted to them is fat loss which is believed to be achieved by alcar or l- carnitine, raspberry ketones, cla, omega 3 and caffeine. Frankly speaking all these elements are present in various foods like amino acids are found in eggs or L-carnitine is found in citrus fruits. If you carefully Google this shit you will get almost every fruit and vegetable which contains most of these things. On one hand Indians pay handsome amount on proteins and supplements and on the other hand the things which they search for in these supplements are already present in many veggies and fruits which are much cheaper then supplements and drugs. 

But again Indians have a tendency to act fast and act slave for imported junk so it’s really hard to change the established mindset of Indians which favours everything which is not manufactured in India. The easiest way to protect you from the torture of steroids and adulterated junk is to rely on natural things. You just need to search these items in natural food items which you can find online easily. Although these proteins and supplements are a quick way of getting benefits but again choose these supplements only when you are completely sure about the quality else forget them as your life matters more than your body.

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