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Reality of most of the colleges in India which parents should not ignore (Must Read)

Most of the colleges are a place of total time wastage in India especially because of the environment and teachings they offer. It is such a shame to study in such colleges which are based on the foundations of extracting money. Gone are those days when teachers were labelled as second parents and educational institutes were labelled as temples of knowledge, in today’s era its pure business and nothing else. Today the concept of college and universities is very different from their actual role. Nobody is interested in giving real education and knowledge and the only thing which makes these colleges run is money. Frankly speaking the foundation is deviant at its start especially when huge donations and capitation fees is demanded by these colleges. Fancy names and extraordinary infrastructure is shown with ultimate branding to fetch as many students as they can. Basically these educational universities are the profit making business of big money giants who open these torture centers for multiplication and generation of black and white money. The teachers appointed in such colleges are failure in the professional world thus offer nothing to the students. But don’t think that students are the victims here who get trapped in such colleges. Most of the students who take admission in these 5 star private colleges are rich stupid brats who come in these colleges for time pass and show-off. Their main concern is to rag students and bother the meritorious ones. 

Surprisingly these gods of ragging are favoured by the middle class opportunistic greedy lecturers that are only after money and gifts by the students. Most of the lecturers give birth to a tendency of asking bribe and gifts from the students as most of them assume that when a student can give donation to the college he/she can easily give some monetary benefits to the teacher as well. The owners are not concerned about the quality of the education their unprofessional staff is giving and nor they concerned about the negative ideologies who are studying in the college. Moreover there is no issue of pass or fail or marks as being the owner of the university they have the liberty to change the marks and paper anytime. Such colleges are a big nightmare for submissive and sensitive meritorious students as besides paying huge capitation fees and donation, they suffer from inhuman torture and ragging by corrupt seniors. The level of education they get is far different from what they expected and if they complain about it nobody helps them or supports them. It has been seen that only few has courage to raise voice against the injustice but again in such situations the batch mates and teachers avoid the one who stands against the corruption and at the end of the day the corrupt one wins. Moreover whenever any student tells about the corruption of the college to others in verbal or written form, he/she faces pressure in shape of suit of defamation. It is a very common and planned strategy most of the colleges take to stop the child from raising voice and when the student tries to quit from the college his/her certificates and fees is not refunded by the universities. Most of the universities give a common excuse of UGC guidelines to stop the student from asking the fees. At that time many students lose hope and surrender. There are many who are suffering such situations. So, i am here by telling you some basic and important things which you must do to get justice as well as to defend yourself from the humiliation and exploitation of the universities.

1.)First of all, when you are pursuing for the admission in any college or university, do the best research and by the term research i don’t mean that you should only search some good high definition images and videos of the universities on internet. Most of the videos are constructed for the publicity of the college and are a part of the brand promotion. The happy environment image does not guarantee that the college environment will be the same so the best thing to do is to visit the college before the admission process starts. The cleverest thing these universities do is that they conduct admission process at the time of vacation of the students basically after May. At the time of vacation of students the colleges/universities are generally empty and the new student does not get any idea about the teaching and working of such colleges. At the time of admission they will offer you good snacks and drinks and beautiful representatives will represent the college as a 5 star resort by showing you the air conditioned class rooms , the high tech gym , the swimming pool , the extra spacious hostel rooms and the big food court and all but the real image remains hidden. The process is similar to a new car driver who is learning car on the empty roads in the morning and when that car driver actually drives in crowd he face the actual reality of the city. Such high profile colleges are soft as feather before the admission and hard as a stone after the admission. Most of them show that they are doing some kind of mercy on you by giving you the admission but in reality they are more desperate than you.  So be calm and patient and don’t get excited as excitement hides the negativity of such colleges and students intentionally ignore the crucial aspect while judging the college.

2.) Ragging- the most stupid as well as disgraceful activity conducted by students who are from bad upbringing. The fact is that the students who enjoy torturing and bothering others for fun are not less than any criminal or psycho who have no goal in life except hurting others. Apart from ragging many students are into smoking and doping in the campus and force the new comers to adapt to drugs , a very common  crime done in the name of ragging.

 Instead of reporting against such freaks, students tolerate the humiliation and most of the time the middle class frustrated teachers take side of the seniors for the sake of some money and gifts. The thing is India still considers ragging as an okay thing and the reason behind that is fear and isolation. The students who raise voice against ragging are often ignored by batch mates and teachers and hence they face isolation in the campus. The best thing to avoid this is to complain about it to the police. Ragging is punishable offence and the more you allow it the more it will spread like a disease. Complaint to the legal authorities is the best step especially when the college ignores your complaint. One can even carry spy camera in shape of pen or watch or button to make a video of the incident. Generally such complaints require evidences and the more the evidences the stronger the case. 3.) it’s better to communicate to each and every student of such universities before joining the college and the most easy way of doing that is social networking site. Today sites like face book has different groups in the name of universities generally made by their students and staff. One can ping each and every student and write a personal message to them to know the reality of the university. Some will reply and some will ignore but at the end of the day you will get sufficient information to make up the mind.

4.) it’s better to make a video through spy camera at the time of giving donation to such colleges as if you get torture or humiliation later or if you feel to quit the college due to any reason. You can get your capitation fees refunded along with donation amount. Taking donation is a crime and a punishable offence but sill most of the 5 star colleges take heavy donation mostly in medical fields and once you have the evidence of donation , the college will compromise and will refund the same.

5.) When you will try to quit from the college or ask for the refund of the fees due to bad environment and bad service. The college will give the lame excuse of the clause they have forced you to sign which is fees once paid is not refundable. Such kind of forced clauses are irrelevant and are against the law and are also considered unwanted by the court so no need to be scared when any university tries to scare you by such clauses. Moreover it’s better to generate evidences which truly show the real side of the college. You can easily generate such evidences in shape of student’s confessions in written form through comments or reviews or any video which you make secretly where they confess about the college and audio conversations as well which can be recorded anytime through call recorder application in your smart phone. These evidences will play a crucial role in your case as they will not only protect you but will also force these colleges to refund your fees.

6.) Don’t live in the era of treating colleges as our home or temple of knowledge. These colleges are service providers as stated by Supreme Court judgement and it’s your right to get satisfactory service. In case you do not get the expected service of education, you have right to complain and file a suit against the college authorities and the teachers or students who harasses you.

7.) Sexual harassment is a common practice many male teachers do in such colleges and the surprising part is that most of the colleges support and defend their horny teacher. They not only defend but encourage him to do so and the student becomes an isolated victim who does not get any help or shelter. It’s better to file a police complaint before informing the college staff as if you will complaint about it to the college or the staff, the college will suppress you and your complaint very cleverly and will create false evidences against you and such an environment will be created where you will be labelled as a below average child who is making wrong allegations to pass the exam and the corrupt teacher will be presented as an angel of god.

8.) I am not blaming every college as corrupt as the reality of today’s most of the colleges may not be the reality of every college .This world is very mean and nobody offers you a free lunch in this era. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. I have seen many who have faced such things and i myself had been a victim. I only want to say one thing to you and that is don’t just study hard instead study smart. Share this post if you like my effort as your one share can save a life.

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