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How a dog lives in India? (Must read)

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Dogs are the best friends of humans and since history they have been a perfect choice for people especially because of their extra cute looks and their protection traits. Just like humans dog also has different traits and behavior which depends on the breed and type. For example Labrador breed is considered a fun loving and emotional dog and German shepherd is considered an aggressive guard dog. But Indian people have very less knowledge about these traits of dogs instead they choose dog according to its looks which basically depends on the level of cuteness or harshness. The dogs are much liked and loved when they are a puppy and hated and ignored when they grow up. 

Indian people don’t really have much time for their dogs which can be seen in most of the cases where the servants get the golden job of care and potty training. A dog is an animal and hence it is obvious that he cannot act and behave sensible like a human but still most of the Indian guardians expect a dog to behave like a gentle man since the day he enters the house. A dog entry in the house is just like an entry of a new bride who is welcomed and liked by some members and hated and disliked by some members. 

When the decision of having a dog is cooked by the children in a house some members support it and some don’t. In most of the cases fathers are against this very idea but sooner or later surrender in front of the kids. As i said above a dog is liked only when he is a puppy in most of the cases and hated as he gets older. As the puppy enters the house things start getting different on the first day itself. Although some weeks go easy and enjoyable as a cute little live soft toy cheers the house and the children also takes care of him very nicely but as the puppy starts taking shape of a dog, his needs and his potty habit becomes large and till that time the children who were so eager becomes dull and bored with their new live toy. Soon the rope of the dog gets the new hand of the servant who exerts his anger and irritation on the dog by either chaining him for long or by beating him which he usually do at the time of dog walk when owners are not present. 

A dog is just like a dumb handicapped child who cannot clean his potty by himself and cannot even get his food from the table so it’s obvious that he needs special care and when the family members get tired in taking care of the special one they deliver this load on the shoulders of the servant and it is a bitter reality that servant can never give the comfort to the dog and especially when the dog does not belong to him. Soon the time comes when servant run away and already busy family finds it difficult to manage the dog. The children who were so eager to get the dog earlier now find out excuses to ignore the dog and as the poor dog gets no attention he barks all the time, he shits wherever he wants and urinates wherever he desires and as the house gets dirty by this the anger of the head of the family usually gets raised up at a peak height. He beats the dog, yells at him and finds out ways to get rid of him. 

The neighbors, who were already jealous by the dog, dig out lame excuses to crack quarrels on the issue of dog. Some neighbors complain of barking and some of potty but in all this mess there is no one to support that poor dog who does not know the reason of quarrel. It has been seen that sometimes the most heinous human fights have happened on the issue of dog and in most of the cases such issues are only cooked by outsiders which include neighbors, strangers and even tenants. Although Section 11 (1) (a) to (o) of The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 prescribes and enumerates different forms of cruelty to animals but still the common Indian people do not have any information of the same. most of the time it has been seen that dog owners face unwanted harassment and threatening for having dogs besides the fact that anyone who threatens or intimidates any person taking care of dogs is liable for criminal intimidation under Section 503 of Indian Penal Code and can be arrested without a warrant but still lack of unawareness creates a scary situation for dog owners who gets unwanted humiliation from dog haters. 

The interesting fact is that most of the dog haters basically does not hate the stray dogs as much as the they hate their neighbors dog as seeing the neighbor having the one creates an incurable jealousy and hatred which causes unwanted tension in them. Although there are many people who hate stray dogs and are prone to throwing stones on them with the excuse of rabies but still there are also many who adopt stray dogs. As the dogs get older they even face sickness and disease and this is the only time when most of the dogs are thrown out of the houses. Some pet owners tap their back by saying that they have given their dearest dog to the adoption centers but the reality of most of the adoption centers is as scary as some aggressive dog. 

Most of these centers do have a very catchy and caring websites but the real atmosphere is opposite of the virtual atmosphere they disclose. Most of these adoption centers fetch dogs just like a bunch of herds and treat them just like an ignorant teacher who throws the lecture without even knowing the subject. The thing is people love dogs but not as a creature but as a toy and the haters hate dog as they consider dog as a burden and not as a creature. Until and unless these two mindsets change dog will be compelled to live on the old basic Indian theory “DHOBI KA KUTTA GHAR KA NA GHAT KA”...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Is your whey protein killing you?

Today’s fast and urbanized world has compelled the human of today to be Modern and advanced as well. From super cars to high-rise buildings to even human body everything is changing and needing advancement. In all this race of superiority and perfection humans are fighting hard to look perfect no matter how much costs they have to offer for the same.

 If we talk about fitness industry of India, there has been a great change today. Gyms are everywhere and people are actually taking out time for it , thanks to the super concerned Indian male celebrities who inspire millions to go to gym and this never ending quest of attaining that perfect body is making Indians go very far. Today almost every Indian young men craves for six pack abs and biceps and in order to achieve the same they are less dependent on gym machines and more rely on supplements and steroids as most of them believe that these medicines are a magic pill which will melt all the fat from their body and give them that perfect celebrity body. 

Gone are those days when Indian people used to walk for miles in the open air to achieve fitness, well this tradition is only surviving on the shoulders of oldies as the newbie’s are only seen pumping in the gym. The most important thing to notice in all this is the crave to achieve the perfect glam body in shortest possible time and to get the things fast there are many fast ways out there which are either prescribed illegally or availed intentionally. India is still a developing country so it’s really tough to expect an urbanized fitness ideology. 

There are many gyms today but not a wide fitness consciousness which is also an important factor which lead to wrong practice of Indian fitness business. As anyone joins the gym the first thing most of the trainers advocate is taking supplements and the more the supplements the more the visible results and this theory is so seriously stated by trainers that the dummies first purchase that shit and later do the bicep curl and if the result is not coming, double the dosage or shift the brand. Most of these so called supplements are adulterated and fake and the reason behind that is no Indian production of the same.

 Almost all the supplements are imported today as India is still not so technologically advanced to produce high quality whey protein or creatine or casein, or cla etc. All these words may be known to today’s youngsters but for a common man they are just another English alien word they have heard first time. This unawareness gives chances to black market and illegal markets that replicate the same brands and their packaging and sell the fake supplements to the people. These fake supplements are mostly pushed by trainers and are easily accepted as every dummy beginner considers their trainer as the Greek god who has came to engulf him in the world of masculinity and heroism. Most of the fake supplements offer nothing but a jar of shit loaded with steroids which can even kill anyone but again illiteracy provokes them to trust such brands.

 Well there are millions of fake supplements scattered in gyms and shops and there is no serious way to detect them. There are very few importers who actually have licence and legal rights but still not everyone is aware about them. As usual the Indian food and drug authorities are silent and are not as serious as they were in the case of noodles. Well most of these supplements work wonders but you never know which one to trust so easily. Although there are wide range of American brands but still the purity is the absolute concern. 

The most important thing is that one does not know which supplement is causing a particular disease and mostly the one which is adulterated will never be caught as the only thing most of the fake supplements do is increase the heart rate and later on a severe heart attack which can be considered a consequence of many activities. There are two reasons for being crazy for these supplements .The first reason for being addicted to this protein shit is gains which are believed to be achieved by pure form of proteins, amino acids, glutamine and creatine and the second reason of getting addicted to them is fat loss which is believed to be achieved by alcar or l- carnitine, raspberry ketones, cla, omega 3 and caffeine. Frankly speaking all these elements are present in various foods like amino acids are found in eggs or L-carnitine is found in citrus fruits. If you carefully Google this shit you will get almost every fruit and vegetable which contains most of these things. On one hand Indians pay handsome amount on proteins and supplements and on the other hand the things which they search for in these supplements are already present in many veggies and fruits which are much cheaper then supplements and drugs. 

But again Indians have a tendency to act fast and act slave for imported junk so it’s really hard to change the established mindset of Indians which favours everything which is not manufactured in India. The easiest way to protect you from the torture of steroids and adulterated junk is to rely on natural things. You just need to search these items in natural food items which you can find online easily. Although these proteins and supplements are a quick way of getting benefits but again choose these supplements only when you are completely sure about the quality else forget them as your life matters more than your body.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Reality of most of the colleges in India which parents should not ignore (Must Read)

Most of the colleges are a place of total time wastage in India especially because of the environment and teachings they offer. It is such a shame to study in such colleges which are based on the foundations of extracting money. Gone are those days when teachers were labelled as second parents and educational institutes were labelled as temples of knowledge, in today’s era its pure business and nothing else. Today the concept of college and universities is very different from their actual role. Nobody is interested in giving real education and knowledge and the only thing which makes these colleges run is money. Frankly speaking the foundation is deviant at its start especially when huge donations and capitation fees is demanded by these colleges. Fancy names and extraordinary infrastructure is shown with ultimate branding to fetch as many students as they can. Basically these educational universities are the profit making business of big money giants who open these torture centers for multiplication and generation of black and white money. The teachers appointed in such colleges are failure in the professional world thus offer nothing to the students. But don’t think that students are the victims here who get trapped in such colleges. Most of the students who take admission in these 5 star private colleges are rich stupid brats who come in these colleges for time pass and show-off. Their main concern is to rag students and bother the meritorious ones. 

Surprisingly these gods of ragging are favoured by the middle class opportunistic greedy lecturers that are only after money and gifts by the students. Most of the lecturers give birth to a tendency of asking bribe and gifts from the students as most of them assume that when a student can give donation to the college he/she can easily give some monetary benefits to the teacher as well. The owners are not concerned about the quality of the education their unprofessional staff is giving and nor they concerned about the negative ideologies who are studying in the college. Moreover there is no issue of pass or fail or marks as being the owner of the university they have the liberty to change the marks and paper anytime. Such colleges are a big nightmare for submissive and sensitive meritorious students as besides paying huge capitation fees and donation, they suffer from inhuman torture and ragging by corrupt seniors. The level of education they get is far different from what they expected and if they complain about it nobody helps them or supports them. It has been seen that only few has courage to raise voice against the injustice but again in such situations the batch mates and teachers avoid the one who stands against the corruption and at the end of the day the corrupt one wins. Moreover whenever any student tells about the corruption of the college to others in verbal or written form, he/she faces pressure in shape of suit of defamation. It is a very common and planned strategy most of the colleges take to stop the child from raising voice and when the student tries to quit from the college his/her certificates and fees is not refunded by the universities. Most of the universities give a common excuse of UGC guidelines to stop the student from asking the fees. At that time many students lose hope and surrender. There are many who are suffering such situations. So, i am here by telling you some basic and important things which you must do to get justice as well as to defend yourself from the humiliation and exploitation of the universities.

1.)First of all, when you are pursuing for the admission in any college or university, do the best research and by the term research i don’t mean that you should only search some good high definition images and videos of the universities on internet. Most of the videos are constructed for the publicity of the college and are a part of the brand promotion. The happy environment image does not guarantee that the college environment will be the same so the best thing to do is to visit the college before the admission process starts. The cleverest thing these universities do is that they conduct admission process at the time of vacation of the students basically after May. At the time of vacation of students the colleges/universities are generally empty and the new student does not get any idea about the teaching and working of such colleges. At the time of admission they will offer you good snacks and drinks and beautiful representatives will represent the college as a 5 star resort by showing you the air conditioned class rooms , the high tech gym , the swimming pool , the extra spacious hostel rooms and the big food court and all but the real image remains hidden. The process is similar to a new car driver who is learning car on the empty roads in the morning and when that car driver actually drives in crowd he face the actual reality of the city. Such high profile colleges are soft as feather before the admission and hard as a stone after the admission. Most of them show that they are doing some kind of mercy on you by giving you the admission but in reality they are more desperate than you.  So be calm and patient and don’t get excited as excitement hides the negativity of such colleges and students intentionally ignore the crucial aspect while judging the college.

2.) Ragging- the most stupid as well as disgraceful activity conducted by students who are from bad upbringing. The fact is that the students who enjoy torturing and bothering others for fun are not less than any criminal or psycho who have no goal in life except hurting others. Apart from ragging many students are into smoking and doping in the campus and force the new comers to adapt to drugs , a very common  crime done in the name of ragging.

 Instead of reporting against such freaks, students tolerate the humiliation and most of the time the middle class frustrated teachers take side of the seniors for the sake of some money and gifts. The thing is India still considers ragging as an okay thing and the reason behind that is fear and isolation. The students who raise voice against ragging are often ignored by batch mates and teachers and hence they face isolation in the campus. The best thing to avoid this is to complain about it to the police. Ragging is punishable offence and the more you allow it the more it will spread like a disease. Complaint to the legal authorities is the best step especially when the college ignores your complaint. One can even carry spy camera in shape of pen or watch or button to make a video of the incident. Generally such complaints require evidences and the more the evidences the stronger the case. 3.) it’s better to communicate to each and every student of such universities before joining the college and the most easy way of doing that is social networking site. Today sites like face book has different groups in the name of universities generally made by their students and staff. One can ping each and every student and write a personal message to them to know the reality of the university. Some will reply and some will ignore but at the end of the day you will get sufficient information to make up the mind.

4.) it’s better to make a video through spy camera at the time of giving donation to such colleges as if you get torture or humiliation later or if you feel to quit the college due to any reason. You can get your capitation fees refunded along with donation amount. Taking donation is a crime and a punishable offence but sill most of the 5 star colleges take heavy donation mostly in medical fields and once you have the evidence of donation , the college will compromise and will refund the same.

5.) When you will try to quit from the college or ask for the refund of the fees due to bad environment and bad service. The college will give the lame excuse of the clause they have forced you to sign which is fees once paid is not refundable. Such kind of forced clauses are irrelevant and are against the law and are also considered unwanted by the court so no need to be scared when any university tries to scare you by such clauses. Moreover it’s better to generate evidences which truly show the real side of the college. You can easily generate such evidences in shape of student’s confessions in written form through comments or reviews or any video which you make secretly where they confess about the college and audio conversations as well which can be recorded anytime through call recorder application in your smart phone. These evidences will play a crucial role in your case as they will not only protect you but will also force these colleges to refund your fees.

6.) Don’t live in the era of treating colleges as our home or temple of knowledge. These colleges are service providers as stated by Supreme Court judgement and it’s your right to get satisfactory service. In case you do not get the expected service of education, you have right to complain and file a suit against the college authorities and the teachers or students who harasses you.

7.) Sexual harassment is a common practice many male teachers do in such colleges and the surprising part is that most of the colleges support and defend their horny teacher. They not only defend but encourage him to do so and the student becomes an isolated victim who does not get any help or shelter. It’s better to file a police complaint before informing the college staff as if you will complaint about it to the college or the staff, the college will suppress you and your complaint very cleverly and will create false evidences against you and such an environment will be created where you will be labelled as a below average child who is making wrong allegations to pass the exam and the corrupt teacher will be presented as an angel of god.

8.) I am not blaming every college as corrupt as the reality of today’s most of the colleges may not be the reality of every college .This world is very mean and nobody offers you a free lunch in this era. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. I have seen many who have faced such things and i myself had been a victim. I only want to say one thing to you and that is don’t just study hard instead study smart. Share this post if you like my effort as your one share can save a life.

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Should we avoid western goods and clothing and adopt our nation’s assets only?

Well this statement was used by Mahatma Gandhi in the swadeshi moment and it was a powerful attempt to boycott the British who were ruling India mercilessly. The most amazing quality of this statement was that it really worked and it made a big difference in the income loss of British when they were actually trying to rob India. Today things are different but still the impact of this statement is deep enough that it can really transform the things drastically. Although every country wants to raise their exports and minimize their imports as exports creates foreign currency which benefits the nation in development more rapidly but the most ignored fact is that every country has different needs and demands which depend on their development scale.

A developing nation needs more foreign goods than a developed nation and the reason behind this is technology. The developing nations cannot invest their limited money on research and development and so it becomes very necessary to import technology and advanced goods for the betterment of the nation. You cannot grind the floor manually in the era of wheat grinding machines as if you will still use the obsolete technology you will end up being too slow in the race of progress and development.
The gurus who advocate the swadeshi concept in a free nation are stupid as they don’t have any knowledge about economic development and urbanization. 

The funniest thing to notice is that they link this political statement of swadeshi moment with spirituality and portray it as god’s verdict. The main reason for saying this statement is shocking. Frankly speaking, it is the new business strategies many gurus are using who are entering in the entrepreneur world. They are trying to compete with international brands and as the international brands are more efficient and old; people don’t trust their own nations brand easily today so the political and religious statement works here which is a false attempt to invoke the feeling of patriotism and spirituality for money making.

More over this statement (Avoid western goods and clothing and adopt your nation’s assets only) does not have any spiritual connection at all and wearing ones nation cloth does not make you a better person or close to god but still without any failure the gurus are doing their best to run their manufactured products in the market by defaming the international brands and their making. 

Things become severe when the old and trusted foreign brands face unwanted bans and restrictions especially after a long serving period. This is basically done to introduce any particular brand of the gurus which they are trying to sell in the market.
The gurus also get huge loans and tax benefits and sometimes no tax at all as their job is considered spiritual meant for public welfare. 

In reality it’s all business, some use god’s name to sell you some scheme and some use the pictures of gods to sell you some product. You must have seen things like butter or sarong or any other food item labelled in god’s name. Almost all food items are today stated under god’s name with gods picture on the cover of the product in which god is shown using that product like in case of butter. It is such a funny attempt which works on the psychology of people. It has been seen that things which are categorized and branded under god’s name tend to get more sales than any other product and the reason behind that is psychological fear of god which compels people to trust the product even if the product is highly adulterated.

Moreover food is generally considered to be an ultimate paradise which is given to us by the god. Almost every religion believes that god is feeding us and when the product itself speaks the god name with god identity one cannot deny to buy.

Goods such as clothes or electronic things or any other technologically based item needs to be imported as foreign goods posses’ better advancement and up gradation. One can import some pieces and can purchase the technology and manufacture the same in their own country.  Boycotting anything imported by the guru’s verdict is seriously a biased and racist attempt which is done openly by many gurus.

Using western and imported assets does not make you less spiritual in anyway nor it will make you an atheist but will surely increase your level of understanding and broad minded aspect. The gurus know that the more the people will be accessing the foreign technology the more they will discard the old superstition and as the superstition comes to end; their religious markets will shut down. The more the fear of god, the more the chances of income of the gurus as we all know fear creates surrendering and that’s what these gurus want.

So it is proved that god is used in today in every possible sense, it’s upon you how you listen to the things which are not shown to you but exist.

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Indian government spends £700,000 to buy letters which 'prove national hero Gandhi was gay'
·         Letters between Mahatma Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach are said to shed light on their 'loving relationship'
·         They are among archive of documents which cover Gandhi's time in South Africa, his return to India and his contentious relationship with his family
·         Papers were due to have been auctioned at Sotheby's in London this week
PUBLISHED: 08:25 GMT, 13 July 2012 | UPDATED: 00:55 GMT, 1 February 2016

A year after a controversial biography of Mahatma Gandhi claimed he was bisexual and left his wife to live with a German-Jewish bodybuilder, the Indian government has bought a collection of letters between the two men days before they were to be auctioned.
India paid around £700,000 (60million rupees) for the papers, which cover Gandhi's time in South Africa, his return to India and his contentious relationship with his family.
The auction was to be held at Sotheby's in London on Tuesday but was called off at the last minute.
Lovers? Mahatma Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach sit either side of a female companion. The Indian government has bought a collection of letters between the two men days before they were to be auctioned
Lovers? Mahatma Gandhi and Hermann Kallenbach sit either side of a female companion. The Indian government has bought a collection of letters between the two men days before they were to be auctioned
The documents will now be placed with the National Archives of India in New Delhi.
They previously belonged to relatives of Hermann Kallenbach, a German-born Jewish architect who met Gandhi in South Africa in 1904 and was impressed by his ideas.
Last year, a Gandhi biography by author Joseph Lelyveld called Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi And His Struggle With India detailed the extent of his relationship with Kallenbach.
It claimed that the leader of the Indian independence movement was deeply in love with Kallenbach.

Mr Lelyveld denied that his book said Gandhi was bisexual. But Gandhi's home state of Gujarat banned it as an 'insult' to the father of the nation.
Most of the correspondence, which spans five decades from 1905 to 1945, is from family, friends and followers of Gandhi, but there are also 13 letters written by him to Kallenbach.
They reference Gandhi's early political campaigns and the illness of his wife Kasturba.
He wrote in one letter: 'I no longer want to be angry with her so she is sweet... She had a few grapes today but she is suffering again. It seems to be me she is gradually sinking.'
In another, written before his return to India from South Africa, Gandhi wrote: 'I do all my writing squatting on the ground and eat invariably with my fingers. I don't want to look awkward in India.'
Indian historian Ramchandra Guha discovered the letters at the home of Kallenbach's grand-niece, Isa Sarid.
Almost auctioned: The documents previously belonged to relatives of Kallenbach, a German-born Jewish architect who met Gandhi in South Africa in 1904 and was impressed by his ideas
Almost auctioned: The documents previously belonged to relatives of Kallenbach, a German-born Jewish architect who met Gandhi in South Africa in 1904 and was impressed by his ideas
Gandhi and Kallenbach became constant companions after they met in Johannesburg in 1904.
Among the most illuminating of the documents are dozens of letters written by Gandhi's sons which provide details of his life in India, particularly in the period immediately after his return, when he lived in relative obscurity.
'Father is becoming more and more awful,' read one incomplete letter probably written by Harilal, his eldest son.
'It would not be strange if a time may come one of these days when either those who are living with Father might have to go or he might leave us all not being able to stand our life.'
India has in the past complained bitterly about private auctions of Gandhi's belongings, saying they insulted the memory of a man who rejected material wealth.
A senior official at the ministry of culture in New Delhi said: 'These papers are of huge importance to India to carry out research on the Gandhian view on various things, that is why we decided to purchase them.'
Sotheby's had put a pre-sale estimate of between £500,000 and £700,000 on the collection.
But the sale was pulled after Indian authorities agreed to purchase the entire archive for around £700,000 (60million rupees).
Sotheby's said in a statement: 'The Gandhi-Kallenbach archive... has been sold in a private transaction to the Indian government.'
Mr Lelyvel's book caused much controversy when it was published last year.
Gandhi and Kallenbach (middle row, centre) pose for a picture at Tolstoy Farm, South Africa in 1910. They became constant companions after they met in Johannesburg in 1904
Gandhi and Kallenbach (middle row, centre) pose for a picture at Tolstoy Farm, South Africa in 1910. They became constant companions after they met in Johannesburg in 1904
Mahatma Gandhi speaks in New Delhi
Great Soul - Joseph Lelyveld book on Gandhi
Gandhi (left) and Kallenbach lived together for two years in a house in South Africa. Joseph Lelyveld's controversial biography Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi And His Struggle With India (right) was published last year
According to the book, Gandhi allegedly told Kallenbach: ‘How completely you have taken possession of my body. This is slavery with a vengeance.’
Kallenbach was born in Germany but emigrated to South Africa where he became a wealthy architect. 
Gandhi was working there and Kallenbach became one of his closest disciples.
The pair lived together for two years in a house Kallenbach built in South Africa and pledged to give one another ‘more love, and yet more love... such love as they hope the world has not yet seen'.
At the age of 13 Gandhi had been married to 14-year-old Kasturbai Makhanji, but after four children together they split in 1908 so he could be with Kallenbach, the book says.
At one point he wrote to the German: ‘Your portrait (the only one) stands on my mantelpiece in my bedroom. The mantelpiece is opposite to the bed.’
Although it is not clear why, Gandhi wrote that vaseline and cotton wool were a ‘constant reminder’ of Kallenbach.
He nicknamed himself ‘Upper House’ and his lover ‘Lower House’ and he vowed to make Kallenbach promise not to ‘look lustfully upon any woman’.
'I cannot imagine a thing as ugly as the intercourse of men and women,’ he later told him.
They were separated in 1914 when Gandhi went back to India – Kallenbach was not allowed into India because of the First World War, after which they stayed in touch by letter.
As late as 1933 he wrote a letter telling of his unending desire and branding his ex-wife ‘the most venomous woman I have met’.

Is media really in favor of homosexuals in India?

Indian media is a mirror of Indian life and Indian politics. People may not watch their favorite movie but they certainly watch news channels. Everything is shown bigger and bold in graphics by every media channel and generally red color is considered auspicious and catchy in order to get more views and attention. Most of the media channels are either influenced by some political party or by any big business group. They show what they are ordered to show and they do what their bosses say. There is no sense of patriotism or realism behind this but money and elections are greatly behind the whole game. Most of the media channels dance on the tunes of politicians which can be easily noticed in every day news segment.

Talking about homosexuality, most of the media channels raise the topic of debate only when some decision regarding homosexuals is given either by court or by government. On rest of the working days or you can say whole year is wasted only and only on politicians and celebrities. Media has time to sing the songs of victory of politicians and celebrities but certainly do not have time to show the sensitive issues pending in the country. Homosexuality is one of the most sensitive issue which is neglected since we have got independence. There is no one to question the faulty law of British  made in 1860 in India against homosexuals.

Even the news about homosexuality is shown in a dramatic manner where the end result and the closing lines are given by the homophobic people who are invited in the debate. Generally after any new decision or guideline regarding homosexuals debates are shown by media channels which constitute some group of homophobic people belonging to different religions and only one or two homosexuals for defense. The homophobic people are given wider coverage and more time to speak in debate and their controversial negative allegations are shown again and again to increase the TRP(television rating point) of the channel.

Media channels have all the information and facts regarding homosexuality but none is shown on the channel. There is not a single media house that has ever shown the scientific developments and facts regarding homosexuality happening in the world. Internet is flooded with facts and scientific evidences in terms of homosexuality and these facts can easily be shown on news channels but there is no reporter or media entity that has guts to do the same. Although internet is very popular source of information and it is very easy to access the same but again there are still millions out there who are dependent on television for news and entertainment. From evidences in Hindu mythology to gay gene study to homosexuality evidences in more than 1500 animal species to scientific evidences which prove homophobic people are insane, none of the study has ever been shown on television. These scientific evidences are enough which proves that homosexuality is natural and is a part of society and regular broadcasting of these proofs will wash out the misconceptions of the straight community in India But instead of the truth baseless allegations of homophobic people have always been shown in limelight by the same media channels.

 Has any media channel ever asked to the homophobic people to give the proof or evidence of their hollow allegations and reviews? No homophobic person has ever been questioned or objected for their negative remarks and superstitious claims instead they have always been promoted as the authorized leader of some or the other religion or custom. This partiality of Indian media clearly shows that media is seriously not in favor of homosexuals but is just doing a duty or you can say a fake drama of sympathy and equality. It is the responsibility of media to show reality as their one wrong action will affect the ideology of millions of Indians in a single watch but again we always forget that this is India.

How to detect a homophobic person online?

A Homophobic is a person who has phobia or you can say fear from homosexual people. It is similar to the phobia from any insect or any animal or anything else. These folks are so stupid that they have phobia from the men who don’t sleep with women. Although it’s none of their business to judge anyone likes but they tend to generate an ideology that every gay person will have horns for them.  Most of such guys would try to show the world that they are very friendly and the so called attention seeker mania provokes them to pose nude or shirtless on the social networking sites. They broadcast their gym pictures in underwear like a slut who is showing the bare skin for clients and when they get loads of comments and likes coming out of lust they get excited as well as scared. They get super thrilled to see the number of likes and comments which they didn’t deserve in reality.

 Comments coming from woman makes them hyper horny as they think that they are the only man on earth born to enjoy with woman but as soon as they see that besides woman there are other admirers too which are not woman off course they get constipation. The first thing they immediately do is blocking the comment and removing the person from friend list in order to save their so called macho virginity. They think that every gay guy wants to fuck them as if gays do not have man to fuck around.

Well gays do what these homophobic do to women who post sexy pictures on social networking sites. These homophobic can be seen active like a lusty puppy roaming around from one girls profile to other writing shit in comments to please her for sex and when the same attempt is done on them they feel so pathetic and panicked. They react so defensive as if the gay will jump into the screen and rape them right away. Just like they try to flirt with woman without knowing the status of woman, gays do admire or flirt with these homophobic freaks as they are unaware about their status too.

The only advice for serious homophobic folks is that they should only add woman in their friend list and whenever they see a man passing by online or in real world they should immediately cover their gentle body with tons of cloth but make sure don’t use the color pink as you will end up being a hypocrite.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Is there really a situation of intolerance in the nation India?

In simple book words intolerance means unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differs from one's own. We have seen since history people have been raising voice against some specific ideologies. These ideologies were of the leaders who tried to change the country according to their beliefs and it’s usual that some will tolerate and some will not. The one who does not tolerate is called as intolerant. They usually express their intolerance in the shape of revolt, assault, damage, destruction and even crime. Since history there have been many situations where some group of societies were unhappy and annoyed by the decisions of the government and the leaders. They did many attempts to claim their position and to make the leaders realize that they are not the supporter of the mindset of the leader. As the time changed people started living with the fact that they cannot change everything. As the work and responsibilities increased people started becoming busier than ever. They are seeing everything and tolerating everything and doing their regular task. The effect of intolerance or the pressure of non cooperation is increasing in their hearts and that same load gets exploded on someone innocent. This is a common issue today as it is very hard to reach the decision makers and the reaction of the action is exploded on the common man.

But the thing is this is not the only reason. It has been seen that in case of any personal material damage by any third party, the affected person raises out his anger above ethics and morals. He becomes so intolerant that he even does not hesitate in taking someone’s life. A very shocking case is such like that, a family playing cricket on the terrace and the ball hit the vehicle of the man driving by and besides receiving the apology by the person, he becomes so intolerant that he gathers his friends with weapons such as hockey, stones and even sticks and beat the guy till his end. This was the most horrifying moment which should not have ended like this. The person whose vehicle was hit could have contacted the police. He could have also asked for the compensation but he switched to the most illegal way and that is punishing the person with such brutal death. The most asked question today is what made him so angry? Why he became so intolerant? Was that a really big deal?

The answer lies in the question. The fact is almost every day there are incidents like this happening on very large scale. It’s the poor media which is unfit in showing them.
The people who carry anger inside their heart generally spits out the same on the wrong people.

Secondly the attachment to the material world like property, vehicles, ornaments or any materialistic asset is so high that everything else seems small in front of it. There have been countless crimes happening everywhere and the main issue is the materialistic lust and uncontrollable attachment to it. The thing is when anybody affects our current state we become cautious. We feel it as an attack on us.
You must have seen whenever any car gets hit in the accident there is a common scenario of quarrels and fights which most of times lead to road rage crime. The term road rage is another name for intolerance. Whenever any of the materialistic assets gets affected negatively we panic, it can be a property, it can be a car, it can be ornaments and it can be anything which is a non living. The attachment to non living things is greater than living things. Many people say that it’s just a non living thing for which you are fighting but there is a logic and reason behind this.

Most of us have worked very hard and we earn these materialistic leisure’s after extreme patience, dedication and back breaking work. Once we own these things we try to maintain them for as long as we can as our hard earned money is invested in it. Whenever anyone disturbs our steady race or any asset which we have been enjoying, we feel bad.

We feel that this was the only thing which i had and this fellow took even that from me. Sometimes our asset is the one and only in our life and we don’t expect to have anything else or more than that so easily like for many people having a car is the dream and once they have it they use that one asset in their entire life .

There are also situations when people do not agree to pay the damages. Sometimes the accidents are unintentional and sometimes intentional but in both the cases the affected party demands for a good compensation and repair. In case of rejection of the same the quarrel and fight is certainly on the cards. There are very few who let go such mistakes and live with the bitter destiny of being in material loss and that too by someone else.

Mistake or accident by ourselves is ignored and forgiven very easily as
We give our self the right of judging and taking decision about our things and when that attempt is done by someone else we feel alert and intolerant.

Secondly some selfish attempts by others raise our anger to very high peak like cricket the game which is meant to be played in stadiums or parks is generally played on the streets, terrace and porch. The people ignore the surroundings which are full of buildings, glass, people, cars, electric polls and even animals. The ball usually hits the window panes and car glass leading to glass breakage, when the ball hits the people or animal it can cause brutal injury as the ball reaches with high speed and when the same ball affects the electrical polls it creates spark and electric shock. The laziness and self centered attitude provokes people to ignore these crucial Jones of the surroundings. When any such incident happens the situation of intolerance explodes out leading to crime and death.

Same case happens in case of fire crackers. At the time of celebrations or festivals people play with hazardous and dangerous crackers without taking care of the surrounding. There are uncountable cases of burns, severe damage due to fire, explodes and short circuits due to careless use of fire crackers.

Another common case of intolerance happens in case of road raze cases. The one who hits the car is responsible for the damage and the one who gets hit may not tolerate the unintentional attack. Sometimes many people attack others out of envy through these measures as it is easy to misguide and confuse the pray by the excuse of an innocent mistake. But still there are many who will not allow you to wash your hands in the name of sorry and thus crime wins in such situations.

Although, the main solution to these situations is compromise, tolerance, adjustment and forgiveness and if you cannot posses these qualities at all, the best option is police and judiciary as they can be the best judge for your loss.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I wish I could be your tenant...

The over leniency towards tenants in India has given immense guts to tenants to commit corruption and crime openly. Occupying someone’s property and not vacating the same is a crime, especially in the eyes of the property owner. The landlord has right to use his property as per his need but the law does not think so. 

We are still following obsolete laws which advocate that a landlord has to give solid usage reasons to get his property back from the hands of the tenant. This absurd law may give relief to the greedy tenant but it is a discomfort able situation for the landlords in India. It is such a shame that the landlords are bound to pay a very high property tax as per current scenario but is not entitled to charge the rent according to today’s framework.

 Well this pathetic situation is faced by those landlords whose properties are encroached or occupied since many years by tenants. There are millions of properties which are under control of the tenants from more than 50 years and they have been paying small pennies in shape of rent even in current plot, although the pennies are enough to feed the landlord with one meal of burger but expecting decent value is simply like hoping for stars here. In some severe cases, the tenants don’t even pay any rent and ask for millions to vacate the property. 

This open blackmailing is known to everyone including the administration and the government but still no one has stood for the landlords till now. A landlord has to wait for almost 10 to 20 years or may be more than that to get their property vacated through law and even in that huge money is invested in shape of bribes to get the justice. 

Generally 10 years is considered the quickest time in rent cases in India. No doubt tenants have a very good life in India as the law favors them blindly. No matter how many properties they encroach and no matter how much millions they demand for vacating the property, they will always be at a better position. Soon the coming generation of landlords will think twice before renting their property as they know that being a tenant is better than being a landlord in India.

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