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Sunday, June 28, 2015

How servants can ruin your entire life?

How servants can ruin your entire life?

Servants are the most important helping hands for us and since history their existence has been fruitful as well as dangerous.  We hire servants according to our work load and financial capacity.

Today most of the educated or working women avoid household jobs as they don’t get time and some of us even consider these jobs not according to our level.  We are dependent on the servants to so much extent that we are ready to please these servants through salaries , gifts , food , incentives and even lot more than that to get our work done.

The most basic household jobs like cleaning utensils, washing clothes, moping are done only by servants today. We are less dependent on machines and more on servants for these jobs.

The problem arises when we forget that servants are there for services only. Just like any company who offer services, servants are people who offer services and charge money for the same.

For our convenience we often employ servants who can stay in our houses or at our work place, the reason behind this is more work and better utility which is a common thinking we all carry.

A person who is a servant is generally a person below poverty line and that’s why they are doing that job. Allowing a person coming from poor background to stay and mix up in our house is like keeping food in front of a starving child.  The poor people live a life of misery where they are deprived of basic amenities like good food, clothes and even shelter. We may give them food, clothes and shelter but introduction to our life excites them towards better things which we are already availing like better clothes, mobile phones, laptop, TV, cars, bike, jewelry and money off course. It’s not bad to feel attracted to these materialistic things but it’s not possible to get all of these luxuries in a salary especially at a lower level. The urge for these materialistic assets provokes them towards crime as crime can easily help them in achieving these tempting baits.

The most basic and common crime servants do is stealing which is the easiest way of getting things which they cannot afford easily. It becomes difficult to keep a track about things in house or office as there are so many things which cannot be counted in a house/office. 

Crime takes a very serious mode when servants start hating the master. It has been seen that almost every servant hates his master. The reason of hate can be jealousy, anger and even lust. We often scold our servants because of many reasons. A servant mentality is different from a master’s mentality. A servant believes that he/ she is doing very hard work for which they are not getting enough salary and a master believes that we are paying huge salary but the servant is not doing the work. These different beliefs give rise to crime as both the thinkers consider themselves right at their place.

When a servant believes that he/she is doing hard work and salary is not up to the mark, they start creating problems in the working environment. Most common problems are created intentionally by doing less work, by doing dirty work , by breaking expensive things of the owner , by making excuses , by being absent and even by being argumentative. Most of the servants after creating these problems at work quit the job and switch to other job but some stay in the same job and create problems till they are not fired by the master. The level of problems is created to such a high extent that it can even ruin the future and present of the master. Most of the masters ignore the dangerous signs servant is showing and tolerate the revolting behavior.

We often tolerate the servant just because we have not got other servant in hand or we are totally dependent on the servant or even because the present servant is trained according to our work and schedule but keeping the unhappy servant is like keeping a snake in your house. If a servant is unhappy, he/she will make sure that you should also be unhappy.

The most dangerous activity servants perform is polluting our food through various things and making us sick. The intensity of anger can even lead to poisoning of our food by servants which may lead to serious illness or even death.

Our biggest mistake lies in a fact that we attach ourselves close to servants as we start treating them a family member just because they have been serving us from some couple of years. We expect love and loyalty from them just like we expect it from our blood relatives. We become so careless, dependent and lazy in their presence that we forget that yesterday only we have scolded them for a particular mistake. A servant always remembers his position and they never attach themselves with the master. Their sweet voice or smiling face does not guarantee loyalty and complete trust.

It has been noticed that serious crimes have taken place in houses where families start and end their day with the presence of servants. The most common targets are children and the female members in the house specially the housewife. Housewives are the one who take work from servants and also live with them the entire day. Anything can happen in the absence of the boss of the house especially when woman master is alone.

The most dangerously proved servants come from placement agencies. It is such a shame that almost 90% of girls and women are brought from villages to cities through betrayal. The agents give money to the parents and purchase the girl for their benefits. These girls get exploited physically and mentally by these placement agency workers and they dance on their tunes for survival. Most of the female servants work according to the placement agency and give necessary information about the house outside like going and coming timings of the bosses , money involved , activities of the owners etc which lead to crimes at the end.

It’s always important to keep a distance from servants and also to keep things in private. Too much indulgence of servants will expose the master’s activities and plans and can lead to bad consequences. It’s advisable to have alternate options like dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaners, dryers and other utility machines at home. Today these items are easily available on installments which prove to be loyal and safe as compared to servants. Avoid leaving your house for servants no matter how much good they are as you never know what lies under the skin.

I am not against servants or people who are working. this article is based on the news and crimes conducted by servants and is written for your safety and better life.

Too much encouragement to servants to use your house and machines will make you an outsider and will make them your boss.

Monday, June 15, 2015



By Pulkit Mohan Singla

No matter how much years this country will take in development, developed countries and their giant commerce world takes a lot of interest in India. Besides being a slow developing country and with unlimited demerits and complications, India is a topic of special interest for the masses.

It’s so surprising that the country where illiteracy level is greater than the population level, where technology and broad mindedness exist in closed groups and urbanization is shown just in the name of malls and multinational corporations, people from outside India still believe that this country is more into values and ethics.

Tradition, customs and values are shown in cultural shows; the relation of which hardly exists in day to day lives of Indian people.  The lifestyle of Indian people is still like the previous era except the fact that they are using mobiles instead of telephones and better cars instead of one old-fashioned model and stylish scooters.

The streets, the outer atmosphere and parks are always messy and dirty like the past and there is no hope for any improvement. India still craves for public bathrooms and every time billions of rupees is sanctioned for tenders but zero result. People are still spitting and peeing on roads and it’s like a tradition now, whenever Indians travel, they throw their eatables on streets and spit outside and pee on the walls or trees whatever is close to them.

Most of the public dealing offices or you can say Govt. offices which serves public are not adequate and appealing in appearance and functioning. The architecture and the messy conditions and the toilets will tell you the story of the offices.

There are hardly any schemes of free education and whatever scheme is present for education, what they teach in Govt. Schools is not education but just a time pass as the whole school ambiance and the teachers are not at all up to the mark.

The funniest part of Indian politics is that anyone can be eligible for it and education or background is not taken into consideration at all. Even a criminal can become a minister and there are a lot of ministers in India with severe criminal backgrounds and no education at all and they are elected at very sensitive posts.  Although there are very tough guidelines and procedures and examinations and tests to qualify as an IAS but the one who manages bigger responsibilities does not require much of education.

Another interesting fact India carries in its blood is extra benefits, extra incentives, extra bonuses, and extra marks to the people of low cast or low background. It’s so stupid to see that knowledge and skills are not important but caste is important to qualify on the top. For e.g. The people belonging to general category has to attempt whole exam to pass and their marking is done tough but if any person belongs to low caste he/she will be passed no matter they attempt the whole paper or not.

Elections are won on the basis of cast, creed and religion. People hardly talk about development and hardly ask questions about the country's progress. Giving vote is just a duty for a lot of them and most of the Indian population let the things go with the flow.
Indians spend a lot of thousands on every day clothes but feel panicked giving a single rupee or some hundreds to the servants. Begging is a business in India flourishing at a high speed. Unfortunately everything is allowed to go with the flow.

Indian people are so crazy for celebrities that some even worship them like insane and temples are erected in their honor in many states. Hollywood celebs are a topic of fascination for so called educated mall going and MNC working community where most of the Indians try to project themselves as a foreigner or may be American or British rather than a true Indian. They feel shame in publically talking in their mother tongue which is Hindi but they do lot of blah in Hindi indoors.

Rapes will always be there and cannot stop in India as Bollywood and porn are emerging with new poses and ways every day. Besides being dirty and messy the streets are not safe, crimes are taken less seriously before they are actually committed.

 Juveniles have got a lot of rights and opportunities and favours in India. Even a rapist or a murderer will hardly get 3 yrs imprisonment if he/she is a juvenile. Indirectly the Govt. is giving licence to juveniles to commit most dangerous crimes as no matter whatever they do they will be punished only with 3 yrs punishment. I am afraid the terrorists might use this weakness of law.

The rich giants and business groups are getting unlimited benefits from the political leaders as they shower money in their party funds and the rest of the majority of middle class and poor are living in the hell and fighting everyday on small to irrelevant issues.

The beauty and perfection in India only exist on Indian airports specially the one in the National Capital of India but the outer ambiance and streets and public places hardly match that level.

This is not a hate article towards India or its people; it is a mirror which Indian community has to face. They must come out together to change these things which makes India weak no matter how much attempts or chances they have to avail, no matter how many political leaders they have to boycott, no matter how many changes required. India needs a change.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Why most of the Indians mentality is similar to the rapist’s mentality?

Why most of the Indians mentality is similar to the rapist’s mentality?
Article By Pulkit Mohan Singla

Most of the men in India live the life of a dictator where they have squashed woman at every level. Starting from their birth, they are given better life compared to their sisters. They have been regarded auspicious as they will bring a bride when they will marry with lots of dowry coming in and the girl child has been considered inauspicious by many families as she is raised until her puberty and at her marriage the dowry is given away along with her. You must be thinking that this cheap mentality is alive only among the poor communities in India but in reality most of the conservative and so called traditional people who are well to do in financial terms carry this mentality. The reason of mentality is lust for money and other motives. These people compare a person with assets and money and that’s why they consider girl child as expenditure and not an asset.

According to the thinking of most of the Indians, besides being an expenditure woman is also considered a source of pleasure. Her identity and individuality is questioned every second. In reality she is not considered human but a machine that is born to full fill the roles laid down by the male dominated society of the country India. Woman’s position in India is terrible since historical times. From Sati (woman has to burn herself if her husband dies) to child marriage to sex slavery to prostitution, women faced a lot in India.

On one hand women are considered the reflection of Goddess, on other hand she is beaten, humiliated, tortured, raped everywhere in India. Most of the Indians believe that a woman has to be homely and has to be fully covered in terms of clothing. Woman is made for certain jobs only and that is raising children , being a housewife , doing household works and fulfilling the physical needs of her man. This mentality is so deep inside the Indian values that almost every person in India wants his wife or daughters or sisters to be homely. 

Although due to development, new jobs have created scope for women who want to work and most of the educated women are stepping outside to work and to be independent but still today almost 90% of Indian women are housewives and their life surrounds only around house, kids and husband. The individuality and self dependence of Indian women is rare & mostly seen only in metropolitan cities. The women who work outside or work late or interact or work with male colleagues are not considered good by some so called cheap and narrow minded thinkers in India. They spread negative reviews about the working women who are independent as for them a woman and a man has only one relation and that is of sex. Certainly rape is an excuse they give to justify their crime. As one of the rapists said in the interview that he was teaching a lesson to the girl who was roaming outside with a guy at night. This absurd excuse and mentality is present in almost every rapist and there is no shortage of such thinkers in India.

Most of the Indian men restrict their daughters or wives from being independent and working due to many reasons. The most important concern is protection which also provokes men to prevent women from going out. Indian man knows that India is not safe for women and there is no control on rapes and assaults. The belief towards law and order is weak as people have experienced betrayal and false promises from every government and every political leader or system they believed in. The Indian men believe that they cannot change the political system and law and order but at least they can protect the women of their family from crime by stopping her from going out and by restricting her independence.

It’s such a shame that besides the tragic gang rape of Nirbhaya in India, even after such a big outrage and anger, the government fails to make a law against the juvenile who was also a culprit in the gang rape. The person who was responsible for such brutal act got only 3 years of imprisonment. Indian political leaders do not muse over the severity of the situation that’s why till now no law has been made against the juveniles who commit crimes like rapes and murders.

The Indian government and the law has given licence to juveniles to commit crime as they know that no matter how much brutality they do , they will only get 3 yrs of imprisonment which is the maximum punishment for juveniles in India. It’s so scary to see the careless free attitude of Indian leaders. In future terrorists can also use this weakness of Indian law but the political parties are only busy in blaming each other.

The Indian population is aware about their law and hence they believe that the only option they got is to stop women from being free and independent and make their life like a prisoner who is home jailed and that seems to be the only option to save her from any crime. Self-defence training can be a plus but never can be the sole solution to this problem.

On one hand, Bollywood shows nudity of women and sex while on the other hand Indians claim that they are most decent in terms of morals and ethics which eloquently reflect on their double standards.

Indians live with everyday incidents of crime, rape, assault, lust, corruption but they don’t want to believe it. The Indian population is used to the news of rape and crime and today it feels alright to them.

One of the most interesting facts is that the rape incidents where the brutality is less or the victim is simply killed by stabbing or by other regular means; people do not pay much attention. Although the incident of Nirbhaya was a great shock as it crossed all the heights of brutality, people’s over suppressed anger burst out on the streets which was the only reason that the government and the political leaders were compelled to make a strict law against the rapists. In India there are numerous cases of rape but nobody has time to go on the streets every time to get justice for the victim and it’s shocking that the case files which are not much highlighted are not attended to on priority by the Indian cops.

The media in India is more paid and less original. They only highlight the things when their TRPs or their income level is set. The most common evidence of this is that media has not at all highlighted the juvenile case continuously; they have not pressurized the political leaders to make a law against the culprit juvenile. Media has only time to promote the campaigns of the paying party or praise the actors and cricketers for money.

India will never see a day when crime like rape will be rare as Illiteracy, poverty, narrow mindedness, superstition, corruption and so called Indian thinking and so called mentality of gender dominance will never end.

© Pulkit Mohan Singla, 2015.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why straight human community is a hypocrite when it comes to sexual diversity? must read

Being gay starts from the day you are created in the womb as your certain genes and biological changes gives you this new species which is different from the entire world. You are born with this trait and it’s in your blood, the fact is you are created as gay, just like different species with different breeds. It’s so surprising that human beings accept and cooperate with all the living species of the world no matter how much diversity and difference is there but humans cannot cooperate with their own species with different traits and genetics.

Gay or lesbian or straight or transgender, all are different breeds of human species in which straight breed is high in percentage. I guess that high percentage creates an ego factor among the straight breed which motivates them to be a dictator and ignorant towards other species just because other species have less majority.
On one way we are trying our best to save animals like tiger which are getting extinct and they are not like human beings in anyway. In fact they are a threat to mankind as they are also man eaters. Similarly other animal species are saved and rehabilitated by humans no matter how much dangerous the species is to mankind.
Humans give an old excuse of cycle of nature that they are doing preservation and safeguard to maintain the balance.

Just like that, Gay, lesbian and transgender breeds in human beings are a balance to check on the rapidly spreading over population of human species. In the world where 90% of humans are giving births to kids and raising them it’s obvious to notice the 
10 % of it who are not having kids or are not interested in the same. That 10 % of human beings include gay, lesbian, transgender and even the straight bachelor people.
Why it is necessary to push and force the 10 % majority to follow the 90% majority and do the same activity of getting married to have children and raising them. Why this 90% of human beings majority only wants to overpopulate the world? Why they cannot accept the new breed in their human species just like they accepted the creatures of entire world?

Just like other creatures, humans are having these 4 distinct breeds since the beginning of the mankind. Surprisingly these distinct breeds are also present in animals since their evolution. But animals have got acceptance in every corner of the world and the distinct human species (gay, lesbian, Trans) are an issue of discussion since thousands of years. They are a topic and it’s been a very long wait they have been holding but still no concrete step has ever been taken.

We only isolate a particular species when it is a threat to us but surprisingly human beings get attracted to threat and they even wants to be closer to the same in order to show their power and ego. Snakes a species which can kill the entire human community and is entirely different from mankind in every possible way is even kept as pet by humans , they are also a source of attraction and they are saved and protected by same human beings then what is the problem in accepting the same human species with different traits?

There is no solid reason for hating gay or lesbian or transgender and there is no danger at all but still there is no acceptance and support. The straight human community has all the evidence of the existence of these different breeds but still they act ignorant.
Most of the straight humans call it a choice and believe that it’s an inclination from west but if they believe so why they do not force animals to act and behave like humans? Why they do not make laws to stop animals? The reason behind this is fear. 
It is believed that animals can be a fear to mankind and human beings are also flesh eaters as animals are used for food since the ancient times. Animals have discovered their own qualities and traits of protection and survival which helps them in surviving in the animal and human world.Survival tactics adopted by animals have helped animals in gaining respect and survival. 

but why this partiality? why humans of different orientation are not accepted just like all the world species? on one hand we say that we are secular and we are above all the religions and cast and we accept every person no matter what cast or religion he/she belongs too then why cant we include sexual orientation in the headline of so called secularism?  People with low cast are given endless benefits and incentives by govt. as they have been a target attack by other upper cast humans , then why gay , lesbian or transgender are not considered humans? why they are still a target attack by straight humans? why nothing is done in their favor? why they are considered worse than animals? why no body cares?

Many people say that gay sex is unnatural and in reality maximum percentage of straight couples practice unnatural sex. Is their really a way to check in the bedrooms of two people? are we really checking on the sex life of every living animal? most of the animals in this world are homosexual , are we criminalizing that too?

I guess these different breeds of human species (gay, lesbian, Trans) have to develop their own traits of protection and survival otherwise they will end up as a victim of hypocrisy by straight human breed just like they were in the past.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Work ethics of below middle class in India ( must read)

India is the most populated country with high illiteracy scale. Education, knowledge and skill are a privilege of rich and middle class. The rest of the remaining community which are below middle class does not have these three elements but still they survive better than middle class community. Generally they are into specific jobs which above middle class people consider low in terms of dignity.

From housekeeping to labor job to other commercial labor work such as plumbing, electrical, paint, plaster or mason , almost 99 % below middle class people in India  do these jobs. Surprisingly without having any knowledge and education they do these critical jobs.  The jobs of plumbing or electricity or mason etc requires knowledge and education at a bigger level as any small mistake can affect the life of the people in a negative way but surprisingly India does not have any education for these subjects. There is no separate course for plumbing or housekeeping or electrician or mason worker which is the funniest thing as all the infrastructure depends on these things in a bigger way and the people who construct these things are inadequate and unqualified.
Although India has architects and engineers who direct these unqualified workers but still the one who are actually working must be aware about it. Generally they get the skills from the local sources which is not any school but a guidance from their co workers who are senior in these jobs or they learn the same by seeing particular work.
India has millions of infrastructures which are under construction and under construction residential houses are the learning school for these workers. These below middle class community generally migrate from their hometowns to big cities for work and in big cities they perform great unity with their village friends and relatives. Their main intention is to fetch money which provokes them to be unite among their below middle class community.
In reality, skills are not the enough to create a perfect masterpiece; knowledge and education are also needed. Generally most of the construction work performed by these unqualified workers is not up to the mark as they don’t have any education. 

The mistakes and inadequate work performed by unqualified workers provokes the paying customer in a negative way and quarrels and fights are a common thing which happens between below middle class worker and middle class customer. Generally the rich community does not come in direct contact with below middle class community and hence the middle class community is only one who deals with below middle class for work and other jobs.

The scale of quarrels and fights is more than the scale of peace in India as education is lack among the masses.
Education not only provides knowledge but also makes a person a better human as decency and behavior are also guided by education.

Sadly below middle class community live like animals and the need of money and other materialistic things provokes them to do anything including crime and unethical activities.

Every year countless crimes including murder, rape , theft , assault , con are performed by these below middle class community people in India. The big cities are their working spot and they frequently travel from the big cities to their village towns and surprisingly 90 % of middle class people are not aware about the address and basic information of these unqualified below middle class workers which gives advantage to these below middle class people to perform any crime and runaway back to their villages.

India is an independent country but no political party and no leader has got the courage to solve these issues of poverty, illiteracy, over population and crime. In every 5 years , elections are conducted and the base line for wining these elections is poverty but still India gets nothing but false hope as changing this scenario is like kicking out your servants and doing the same job by yourself which is surely not a lifestyle of Indian people.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Can gay really enjoy sex with a straight woman?


I know its a very surprising question as we all know that gay men are only attracted towards men and there is no chance by which they can be attracted to woman . But still some gay men are married and are living happily ever after but the billion dollar question is how?

Most of the gay men ignore marriage as they know that they don't feel attracted to woman but what about those who marry a girl and live a normal life without any troubles and bad consequences. how they are managing their sex life? what is the key to success ? and how they build courage to face the situation and deal with it and the most important is how they do it?

After facing and realising the reality of being gay , most of the gay men end up with depression and work out to find out a solution to their problem. There cannot be any solution as gay cannot be converted into straight and there is no way by which it can be treated as being gay is all natural.

The source of inspiration to change themselves comes up from bisexual men who are blessed by nature to enjoy both the flavours. as we all know that bisexual men are attracted to both men and woman , gay men are always curious to become bisexual or act bisexual to change themselves. As bisexual men can satisfy both the genders they can easily get married and live a normal life which is not a privilege of gay men.

But still most of the gay men try to become bisexual just to save themselves from the tag of gay but the most important task is attraction . The attraction is most important for erection which leads to intercourse. Attraction provokes people for foreplay which is crucial to create intimacy but gay men can never enjoy foreplay with opposite sex .

The solution to save their marriage lies in sex only but again with the new method. This new method is helpful many times but it needs lots of practise and very adjusting partner. Most of the new bisexual turned gay men imagine their wife as men at the time of making out just like masturbation where we have some or the other person in mind when we fantasise. In this way they imagine the live person into the gender they feel attracted to but its a very stupid and difficult task .

The sensual zones of our body are so sensitive that any touch can make them active and many gay men are aware of this simple fact so they act like a toy for their wife . They convince her to do anything she wants to their body its like being a non living toy play boy where the woman is smooching and sucking the body and the private part. Its but natural that the private part will erect by regular touch and love and can even be used for fucking if the woman wont let the dick slow down. well the woman will be deprived of kiss or smooch on the lips as that gesture is very sensitive which no gay men can share. But the difficult part is that every woman cannot get convinced to this theory of love making where she has to make out with a statue husband as woman needs love and care and intimacy in return which a gay husband cannot give.

thirdly gay men may find it difficult to get themselves sexually exploited everyday by their wife as this new method of sex will not give mental and emotional satisfaction to gay men. many woman will suspect when the gay husband will advocate this kind of love making. its important to make the woman understand the reason for advocating this new method which is again very tough task. very few woman compromise and adjust according to gay men wishes . the happily ever after couples look perfect in picture but in reality these marriages are a nightmare for both the partners. some woman may compromise and opt this way to save their marriage but this does not seem a very workable option for long time as emotional bonding can only be established when partners enjoy mutually.

generally the gay men who look happy in their marriages use this new sex method in the early days of marriage so that they can manage to have one or two child. the child is the most common reason which provokes woman to stay in the marriage and live without sex with the gay husband.

forcefully or willingly , gay men can never enjoy sex with a straight woman but he can get raped by her if he is desperate to save the marriage.

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Most of the house owners in India practise living style which is full of corruption and politics specially when it comes to neighbourhood. Here are some insights about the shocking corruption neighbours do in their neighbourhood in India.

1.) City roads are already very pathetic and stinky due to bad sewerage management and they become more disastrous thanks to people and their attitude and living in the city. In most of the sectors the govt. has provided with narrow roads which creates difficulties on daily basis , rest of the remaining roads is encroached by people in name of parking.

2.)Most of the house owners in sectors park the cars on roads and not in their house. They intentionally do not park their cars in their verandas/garage and occupy the roads causing traffic and inconvenience to the moving traffic. This attitude of not parking cars in the house and parking on the roads is taken so seriously by the house owners that even in the most crowded days of festivals cars are parked on the roads provoking traffic at higher rate.

3.)The home owners also encroach the pedestrian pathways given to them adjacent to their ramp or slant. The pedestrian pathway which they get for parking adjacent to slant or ramp must be used for parking but sadly most of them make garden on that area and encroach it by fencing again which gives them excuse to park on the roads as they do not wish to use their veranda/garage for the same.

4.)Most of the sector houses install private gates on the entry of a particular sector and on the exit of particular sector and use it according to their will again creating problems for other people who wish to enter the sector. Today almost 90% sectors have done this illegal encroachment but again govt. bodies are sleeping and behaving innocent and unaware about it.

5.)Most of the home owners do the illegal activities under the sheets of welfare associations. generally all the home owners counter money together which is fetched from every house forcefully as an order by welfare association . The home owners elect some group of people to make decisions and perform actions who act like a dictator when it comes to creating changes in the sectors and environment. There is no record of the money they take from all the house owners and no record of spending. This is an illegal way of making money and acting as a tax fetching entity and playing with the basic structure of govt. planning.

6.) these sector owners may transform the public park but again they torture and humiliate other house owners who do not pay money to them . The other house owners who do not wish to dance on the tunes of welfare associations and who do not wish to pay money every month are pressurized every single time for the same .

7.) The sector house owners make uncountable speed breakers like an illiterate. The speed breakers made by them are huge and out of shape which creates damages to the cars frequently. The home owners don't know the basic guidelines but again they use their dictatorship in transforming the sectors according to their will.

8.) Cricket which is the most favourite game among the masses also creates a addict effect on the sector house owners. Most of the house owners encourage their children to play cricket on the roads which many times leads to injury and accidents to children as well as to other people as well as to the cars and to the window panes. window panes and car windows are broken frequently by the passion of cricket. But there is also a twist and politics involved in this. Most of the house owners are of mean mentality and they do not encourage their kids to play in front of their own house but guide them to play cricket in front of other houses so that their house or car will be protected. Same attitude works in case of crackers , at the time of festivals many sector home owners provoke their children to play crackers in front of the house of others so that their own house will not become untidy from outside. When other owners object , they face profanity and quarrels from the mean mentality owners. The mean mentality owners forget the fact that playgrounds and parks are made for recreational activities like cricket and not the roads but again govt. bodies fail to monitor this thing and fails to make any law and order.

9.) Most of the house owners do commercial activities like opening paying guest accommodations popularly called as PG or by running private offices. Its shocking but a known fact that many illegal activities including prostitution is done under the sheets of private office and pg.

10.) At the time of any personal function of the sectors resident owners the roads face unlimited torture. The sector house owners intentionally and illegally encroach the roads by installing tents. These tents damage the roads as iron poles are inserted in the roads by creating holes in the roads as well as these private functions block the roads and hence causing traffic and problems to other moving traffic. the function ends up with lot of food and waste disposal on the road which again cause untidy and polluted environment.

11.) The plots which are empty are used as a waste disposal by other sector residents and also serves as a place for illegal shacks. There is no aesthetic appearance of sectors as everyone is violating the environment by their wills and attitudes. It looks like that once a plot is allotted to a user he is free to make changes in the environment no matter how much problems other people get.

India is getting urbanised and developed but still most of the people don't have decency and manners when it comes to living in sectors.