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What is section 377 and how it is ruining the nation India?

What is section 377 and how it is ruining the nation India?

As per the book language Section 377, IPC reads as: “377. Unnatural offences.—Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine.

The section was declared unconstitutional with respect to sex between consenting adults by the High Court of Delhi on 2 July 2009. That judgement was overturned by the Supreme Court of India on 12 December 2013, with the Court holding that amending or repealing Section 377 should be a matter left to Parliament, not the judiciary.

Section 377 was a law proposed by the British in 1860 in India. According to this law two adults of same sex cannot have sex. Moreover anal sex and oral sex is considered illegal according to this law and cannot be practiced by anyone including straight people. 

Till now people of India believed that homosexuals are only punished under this law but in reality everyone is covered under this law. The most funniest part of this whole scenario is that British have removed the same law from their constitution and have legalized same sex marriages and relation in their country but India is blindly following the old obsolete law of British which was intentionally drafted for India to create disturbances and hatred in environment as Indian rich history of kamasutra and mythology supported homosexuality to a greater extent.

This law is irrelevant and obsolete in many ways. The two consulting adults cannot even have a relation or sex if they are of same orientation which is a clear violation of human rights. There is no liberty or no freedom left because of this law. In other language people can only have sex for procreation and sex cannot be done for enjoyment which is the most backward concept. It is a known fact that nobody can have sex only for procreation. Human beings are born to have sex. The sexual organs are not built only for procreation but also for enjoyment and every possible human being enjoys sex for enjoyment.

 The market is flooded with contraceptive devices and condoms to prevent pregnancy and to promote sex for enjoyment. It has been scientifically proven that sex is important for body and it is the most powerful biological need. 

The people who are against homosexuals are also a culprit and criminal as they enjoy every type of sex with their opposite sex partner. Secondly besides foreplay and vaginal intercourse, oral sex and anal sex is practiced by millions of Indians as it is a part of sex. Advocating this law makes every individual of India a criminal. It is impossible to arrest people on the basis of sex method they opt.

Is it possible to monitor the bedrooms of every Indian to see whether they are doing vaginal intercourse or anal or oral sex? Anal sex and oral sex is part of sex and it is present since the history of India, the greatest evidence of this is Kamasutra, the oldest love book of India. Instead of promoting safer sex methods India is following these awful laws which violates the life, liberty and freedom of people of India but nobody cares for it as LGBT community is considered the prime target in this. The heterosexuals who are doing anal sex and oral sex frequently believes that they will never be caught as they are married and they are having children which is enough to keep the authorities silent.

Because of section 377 the HIV/AIDS cases are not treated well and most of the homosexuals or people of lgbt community do not go for checkups or treatment as being open as homosexual will create problem for them. They also face negligence and ignorance from doctors as they do not have any recognition. This section 377 is promoting HIV/AIDS as the fear of being caught keeps homosexual community under closet and people don’t gather courage to get them tested or medicated.

The police frequently harass and exploit homosexuals for money and there is no prevention of this extortion as homosexuals love is considered a crime in India and a source of income for cops.


As gay sex is criminalized in India, millions of gays marry woman in pressure by parents and society and ruin the life of the girl. There are millions of divorce cases recorded in India and the most common reason among most of them is sex. The girl remains unconsummated as the gay husband does not feel any attraction to woman. The gay men cannot reveal their identity to the girl as it is a crime and they simply get married and ruin everything. Sometimes these marriages take a disastrous end as many women have committed suicide after continuous ignorance. The government can ban gay sex but they cannot force gay men to have sex with woman. Moreover most of the woman get engaged in extra marital affair as the absence of sex in marriage provokes them to become unfaithful. Just because of this law millions of girls are getting trapped in the marriage with gay husband.

The so called saints of India have taken advantage of this law to shine their carrier as a sex pioneer. They provide fake medicines and fake promises to cure homosexuality. Sadly many parents give their only son or daughter to them and the result they get is worse than ever. Frequent torture and humiliation makes the condition of homosexuals worse as these saints attack verbally and emotionally to kill the self conscious and dignity of the homosexuals in India. Surprisingly these uneducated saints are welcomed by media to give their negative views about homosexuality. They create confusion and misinterpret the issue to the public and in reality their claims have no evidence and reference but still media entertain them in debates for good TRP. Besides this saints from different religions are also invited for discussion and their obsolete ideology based on their uneducated background makes things complicated for homosexuals.

Uncountable straight men are committing rapes and sexual crimes with small girls and animals but still homosexuals are blamed for it. A sexual crime can be committed by any one and the history of rapes in India has shown that almost every rapist who rapes woman practice anal sex apart from vaginal sex in the rape act. Heterosexuals have achieved distinction in rapes and sexual crimes  but still homosexuals are considered responsible for anal and oral sex.

Homosexual relation is not only based on sex, emotional bonding, support, affection and love are equally practiced just like any other couple. We must also not forget that millions of adults prefer penetration of anal and oral apart from vaginal intercourse and they are straight. Surprisingly heterosexuals are much more active in experimentation when it comes to sex then homosexuals.

It has also been noticed that homophobic people who hate homosexuals are also closet gays and the reason of hatred is basically jealousy and envy. Most of the homophobic people who are of old generation do not got chance to experience good sex in their life time but seeing present gay generation in freedom creates envy and jealousy to a great extent in them. They believe that if they haven’t got it why they will allow others for the same. They dislike and hate homosexuals as if homosexuals are some terrorist or murderer.
The section 377 states that unnatural sex with men, women and animal is punishable.

In reality forced sex whether natural or unnatural should be punished but sex with consent of both the partners should be allowed as preventing that is violation of human rights.

Secondly sex with animal and child should be punishable under this law which is totally justified.

The section 377 needs serious amendments and the main activity which should be criminalized is having sex with animal and children. Two adults making out love with consent are not criminal as expressing love is like worshiping god. The world is already filled with hatred and corruption, violating the fundamental rights of homosexuals is the most horrifying sin which the homophobic people are committing which they are not aware about.

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Is India a hidden Islamic and homophobic nation?

Is India a hidden Islamic and homophobic nation?

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India is a secular nation and the second largest democracy in the world but all these qualities exist on paper only. The reality of India is far more different than what is shown. The recent update about homosexuality is totally shocking. India joins other homophobic nations to vote against the equal rights to same sex partners at UN. Most of the homophobic countries involved in this are Islamic countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Oman, UAE etc. India intentionally and excitedly supported these nations besides knowing the fact that homosexuals face brutality and death sentence in these Islamic nations very often. Is this the indication of India as the new Islamic nation?

The tag of secularism and democracy is fading day by day specially because of the ideology and thinking of Indian political leaders. In current scenario the current political party in power is blamed to be ignorant towards this issue and it’s a known fact but looking at the past, among all the political parties of India there is not a single party who has ever stood in favor of homosexuality or has ever taken pains in putting this issue in parliament for the debate.

 India claims that India is secular and people have to follow the constitution and not any particular religion to live or express. The constitution gives fundamental rights to every person living in India including right to equality and right to liberty and freedom including the rights of minorities  but the recent case of India voting against same sex couples and further criminalizing of same sex relation in India proves that neither the political leaders nor the government cares about constitution. They use the term constitution to get votes and popularity but in reality constitution is kept away locked in a cupboard and nobody has right to apply it for the people.

Whenever any debate on homosexuality comes up, Muslim organisations and its leaders jump into the discussion in the most aggressive manner. They use the term Islam and their religion to boycott and stand against homosexuality. The reasoning of being against homosexuality is their religion Islam which they advocate in the country India where constitution has the power not any particular religion to make rules for the people. It seems so surprising that Muslims are powerful to so much extent in the nation India that they openly oppose the constitution and considers homosexuality as a crime as it is written in their religion Islam. The political leaders of India behave deaf, blind and vain as if India is an Islamic country and voice of Hindus cannot be heard here.

Hindu mythology and historic evidences in Hindu culture has shown evidences of homosexuality but still Hindus in India support Muslims when it comes to standing against homosexuals. The funniest statements given by many Hindu and Muslim leaders are that they don’t hate homosexuals but they hate homosexuality. They also say that they don’t want homosexuals to practice homosexuality but they can live as homosexuals. This is the most funniest and non relevant statement on record shown on every media channel in India. The so called authorized Hindu saints give their negative verdict about homosexuality as if they are fully aware about the issue.

Most of the ministers believe that homosexuality is a disease or mental illness and some even consider this as a delegation imported from the west. Many believe that it is contagious and most of the leaders believe that it’s a choice. The reality is that they don’t want to see the reality. They don’t want to believe the scientific evidences and they don’t want to tolerate the truth. They are the born superstitious people who still believe in miracles and myths. The term development and change are very big for them to digest. It is the bad luck of the country that people with non liberal views are ruling the nation India. It looks like that India is a country where dictatorship is in fashion. It seems like our political leaders consider leaders like Hitler as their inspiration as this is clearly reflected in their actions and behavior towards the minorities.

Lack of education and illiteracy is widespread in India which prevents people from seeing the reality. Most of the political leaders, religious saints and gurus are illiterate and uneducated. They don’t have any knowledge about science and sexuality the only thing they are blessed with is politics which they play very well in India.

Homosexuals have to fight a big battle to get their rights. Many homosexuals are aware about the reality of Indian leaders. In order to live their life with pride and freedom many homosexuals have worked hard and migrated to developed nations where homosexuality is acceptable. Frankly speaking If homosexuals want to have a good peaceful life, they have to leave the nation India and migrate to the nations who welcome homosexuality with open hands as this is one life they have got and being stuck in India and fighting for the rights is a total waste of time as the political leaders of India have a stubborn mindset of ignorance and in-sensitiveness which cannot be changed in a short span of time.

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How corrupt doctors of India kill patients in the name of treatment?

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The medical field of India has always been controversial and debatable but still Indians are a blind followers of doctors since history. Indians get so crazy for the term "doctor" that almost every parent wants to see their children as future doctors. India is blessed with over population with hospitals less than the actual demand. The over population of people is a blessing for doctors as more patients means more money. Till now non attending of patients was the only issue which was shown on TV or in any other media form but in reality there are uncountable things doctors do to kill their patients in India. 

First of all the learning doctors are the nightmares for the public. They are not less than any butcher as the senior doctors or teachers of these learning doctors give them liberty to exploit people for their so called Thesis. Example: The patient who comes to the hospital for pain in stomach is diagnosed for kidney pain/disease as the respective doctor is doing thesis on kidney.

Similarly, numerous experiments are done on people in the name of treatment just to complete the thesis or to get the name published in some so called Medical Journal. The pain and emotions of the patient and his family’s sentiments are all ignored intentionally and the patient is used as an object whose body is stabbed and sacrificed for money and experiments. The brutality done in the name of experiments is so wild that even the hell would be a better place than the premises of these doctors. Usually these experiments are done secretly and the patient's consent is taken on paper by showing other picture of the reality cunningly. The patients are unaware about the brutality they will be facing in the name of treatment and most of the patients in India end up with severe diseases and even death; thanks to these corrupt money minded doctors who use human body for their lust.

The most awful experiments are done on new born babies and infants in India. Millions of newborns are killed in India by doctors in the name of experimentation. These experiments are frequently done on different and unique cases for example endoscopic work in a newborn whose mother is a kidney patient. The parents face mental trauma by these doctors as these doctors pressurize the parents to donate the child for thesis. Most of the doctors give wrong and negative reviews about the child’s health to the parents and misguide them to put end to their hopes. The term "observation" is used to exploit the body of the new born mercilessly for personal interests.

Generally, money is charged in the name of blood for transfusion and medicines but the same is not provided to the new born children because it not needed in the first place. The parent’s interference and attendance is prevented to the most to make them unaware about the issue. For the doctors newborns are just like a car that came for servicing. Just like any corrupt car mechanic who makes big bills and shows multiple works in a car, corrupt doctors in India ruin the life and future of the new born by doing multiple surgeries and experiments on the child just to fill out their so called thesis. Their leaders guide them to be merciless as being merciless means being more rich. In every medical institute doctors are guided to consider a patient as a body and not as a human. The term "body" itself clears out the emotions in these doctors as money is the prime motto.

It is like any other technical field which we are not aware about. For example; when we give our laptop or computer or any electronic item for repair, we get huge bill in return and we are bound to trust the bill and defects the engineer tells us. Similarly, doctors in India live with an ego that they are a doctor so they know better than anyone. 

The most common reply to any question of a patient is “WHO IS THE DOCTOR?  YOU OR ME? ” This one reply is enough to seal the patient’s lips.

Besides infants, adult patients are frequently exploited and sent to grave by these corrupt doctors in the name of treatment. These doctors fetch money, time, body, organs and the life of the patient. The population of patients is so high that it becomes very difficult to trace them or catch them. The people who revolt or force to get their patient discharged are often threatened in the name of LAMA (Leave Against Medical Advice). These doctors do their best to make the patient stay in the hospital as more days means more money.

From diagnostic centers to learning doctors to experienced doctors to five star hospitals to government hospitals corruption is present everywhere as money minded corrupt doctors have spread across the nation like a viral. In this entire corruption scenario, the government and the political leaders are silent and ignorant towards these issues. There is no intervention of government for these sensitive matters and there is no control over the ever increasing crimes in the medical world. 

The government should make special teams and secret programs to monitor and examine the crime these doctors do in the name of treatment. The so called clause of Ethics should be more strictly applied so that these corrupt doctors do not play with the lives of innocent patients and only that treatment be provided which they really need. 

Frankly speaking instead of relying on the silent government the people should  take steps to prevent themselves from these crimes. Before rushing to any nearby clinic for the treatment and blindly trusting the prescribed treatment, it is better to have a second opinion as well as be well informed about your illness, it's symptoms and probable treatments with the help of enormous info available online and on various medical sites and in various medical books. The information about the prescribed medicines is also available online so that you are aware of what you are taking in your body. 

Above all, For the illness that can be easily avoided by taking precautions must be at all costs avoided because PREVENTION IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN CURE. 

The term "PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE"  can be a second definition for this article as preventing yourself from going to these corrupt doctors is certainly the best cure.

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Why men rape in India?

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Although India has seen rapes since ages but in today’s 21’st century it is raised to a great extent where humanity and morals are squashed completely by the rapists of India and limits have been crossed to the extent that it is now one of the most horrifying nightmare a victim would have ever seen.  From sexual assaults to harassment to brutal gang rapes, things are not healthy in India any more. Millions of rape cases are pending in courts seeking justice since many years and have gotten nothing except for society’s criticism. It has been noticed that thousands of victims do not file any report to the police as the tag of a rape victim puts you in a worse position than a terrorist in India. Instead of sympathy people consider rape victim as a taboo since being raped is the most awful thing which can happen according to what Indians believe.

 Most of them even question the credibility and character of the victim. It is also seen that most of the Indians blame the victim for the rape; they believe that the sexual excess is granted by corrupt women rather than a pure and pious woman of the society. They consider men as the dog who is tempted by the sweets which is women of course (thereby blaming the woman who is the victim herself). This ideology is present among the masses in India and is deep enough to make things worse in future.

After any rape incident, many reasons/justifications are given based on the background of the victim as well as the rapist. The rapist is considered as being pressurized for the crime under the following excuses:

“He must have had lot of drinks , he might be on drugs , he must have seen pornography before the rape , he must have seen some violent movie , he must be wanting to show his dominance, woman/girl must be roaming around with some guy in short dress and thus disrespecting our culture so he must have decided to teach her a lesson, he must have been provoked by the victim , he must be hating her , he must be hating women all together ...”

Similarly, the victim is considered provocateur and is held responsible under the following excuses:
“She must be wearing short clothes, she must be out with him at night(what girl of good character roams around at night with some guy??), she must be having an affair before, she must be having sex with multiple partners, she must be a corrupt lady, she must be provoking him by wearing decolletage or sexy dresses, and she must be a call girl ..."

In most of the cases women are considered responsible in India for any rape or sexual crime. India is not less than any Islamic country where women are not allowed to have a voice or to move out for work. Instead of a black dress called as burkha or nikab, Indians have introduced saree since years which covers the whole body parts including the head and the face (purdah system still prevails in Indian culture mainly in rural areas.). A Woman is considered as an object and her roles are set by the male dominant society of India. Just like any Islamic or Muslim ideology, Indians also prefer their women to stay indoors and do household jobs only.

There is no exact answer or any valid reply to the question that why men rape in India? Men will rape if they want to; this is the only answer to this question. The human body is made to have sex and male and female are two human beings who give immense pleasure to each other when they perform intercourse or any sexual activity including penetration in the mouth or vagina or even rectum. Generally rape involves penetration either oral or vaginal or even anal. There are very few cases where the victim has been forced only for foreplay or kissing as the main source of pleasure is intercourse which is done to women and even men for sexual satisfaction.

Males are attracted to females and they look out for sexual excess for the fulfillment of sexual desire. In the Modern world, the centuries old process of selection is still present. Just like in animal species the female chooses the male according to his body stats, his color, his strength and his popularity; women in today’s world choose a man on the basis of his looks, his status, his financial strength and his physical perfection. The men who are rejected often pressurize women for sexual grant and even the chosen ones look out for other female partners for more sexual satisfaction. Sometimes the chosen partner is not appealing in sex and dissatisfaction creates provocative environment for the body and the mind.

There is no end to this as men will be seeking women for sex as they are born to have sex and women would be selecting men according to the qualities they desire. The only way to moderate or control the tendency of rape is law and order. The right framework is needed to control the rape along with change of typical mindset. The most important thing is that rapists must get exemplary punishment and that with immediate action. The women who are criticized for being raped must be accepted by the society and supported physically, legally, emotionally and even financially by the government. Steps must also be taken to make self-defense compulsory for every woman/ girl along with the availability of self-defense tools like pepper spray and stun gun.  

Majority of the rapists involved are juveniles in this awful activity but are only entitled to maximum 3 years punishment which reflects the careless attitude of government of India towards young rapists. It is also noticed that young guys and young men are much more into rape crime as hormones of the body are more active in young age and young men of India want to explore sex more than any other middle aged man.  Although a person of any age can rape but the popular majority of rapists fall under young men category in India.

On the other hand, It is also seen that many women in India con men on the basis of false sexual assault or false sexual harassment complaints including false rape complaint to fetch handsome amount of money. This business of corruption is very popular in metropolitan cities of India. The impact of this con business is so high that many police officers consider genuine complaints as fake complaints and it becomes difficult to distinguish among the genuine victim and the fake victim.

India has the largest illiterate community and in the search for work millions of illiterate people migrate to commercial cities for work and money. It has been noticed that poor and illiterate people are more into sexual crimes than educated people in India. In many gang rape cases, most of the culprits found are juvenile and uneducated. Many admit that it’s their daily routine to grab girls and women from streets and perform brutal gang rapes. They eventually kill the victim in order to be safe and this ideology is wide spread in India.

After every rape, debates and discussions are shown on news channels and different people are blamed for the incident. In all this mess the political leaders of the country are ignorant towards the issue and sadly most of them find this completely OK as they also consider the woman solely responsible for the same. There is no checking and no control over the unlimited population of illiterate poor people coming in the metropolitan cities and that is why it becomes so easy for them to commit a crime and run away back to their home towns and states where they belong to. Most of them do not have any licence and address proof or any document which proves their identity and hence it becomes impossible to catch them after crime. Moreover, the political leaders consider poor people as the main source for vote bank because they are high in majority hence they do not take their crime seriously.

India is a country where everyone has a right to do anything they want, it can be a rape or it can be any other crime. The one who tries to stop is a culprit here.

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Is India scared of punishing the terrorists?


India has been attacked several times by terrorists and some incidents are so horrifying that still its impact is alive on the minds of people of India. Thousands of people died in terrorist’s attacks in India in past and still India is not a safe country due to various demerits and weakness that exist here and has not been corrected till now.

First of all most of the terrorist attacks are done in India by Pakistan and most of the terrorists involved are Muslims but this does not mean that every Muslim is a terrorist.  Terrorist activities are done by negative communities who want to show their power and who believe in creating terror, generally politics and conspiracy are involved in these activities. Their intentions are highly dangerous and they exhibit themselves correct as they believe that they are protecting their religion Islam from these actions. Moreover, a sense of revenge is exhibited by these terrorists if any terrorists in past had been hanged by the government of India as a punishment for his terror attack.

India is a largest democracy and the tag of secular nature puts India in a complicated situation in every scenario. In every decision making process secularism comes in the way of the politicians which reflect their decisions every time. India has every religion , from east to west to south to north , India has all the cultures and all the religions under one room , it’s like a whole world within and this is what making things complicated as Indian ministers and political leaders seems unfit in handling the world inhabited in the country.

The most popular religion affecting the countries working is Muslim religion. Everyone knows that India and Pakistan was a united nation before British people attack. As the British divide and rule policy got implemented in past India and Pakistan are two different nations now. India is a Hindu country and Pakistan is a Muslim country. Still after the divide some Muslim majority was left in India and some Hindu majority was left in Pakistan. As India has labelled them as secular every religion has the right to prosper in India and live with pride, India was no more a one religion country but Hinduism was the main religion as India is a Hindu country with highest majority in power.

Besides being a major Hindu country, the Muslim religion has affected the decision making process of political leaders. Although India has other religion people as well but still Muslim community is only the one which is used as a trump card for various activities like for votes or for any political decision. The impact of Muslim community is so much that India feels scared in giving the capital punishment to any Muslim terrorist found alive in the attack in India.

As any Muslim terrorist gets caught, politics and conspiracy travel faster than air. News channels exhibit the terrorist as a hero and lot of political leaders especially of opposition parties and celebrities comes forward for the rescue and support of the terrorist because of his Muslim tag. These people are not concerned with thousands of innocent people who die in the terrorist attacks. The families of the victims get no support and no help and they are left in the middle as nobody cares for the victims instead the terrorist is kept very nicely and crores are spent lavishly for his stay and well being.

It seems so pathetic to see that the murders are projected as a hero and the victims are projected as nobody in India. The reason behind this is Muslim votes. Most of the political parties in India win elections by Muslim votes and hence they do not want to make Muslims against them so they believe that helping the terrorist by converting his death penalty into life imprisonment will be a better option for vote bank. They do not love the people of their country and no compensation is offered to thousands of people who die in these attacks.

If somehow, the government punishes the terrorist with a death penalty, paid media and some corrupt political leaders cry out loud as if some hero has been died. All these actions are done to gain Muslim sympathy and again it works as Muslim community believes that the one who favours our religion is our leader and the one who favours Hindus does not deserve our vote. Nobody is concerned with the innocent’s who die in the terrorist attacks.

The innocent people who die are of every religion as you cannot determine the religion of the public walking in the crowd but sadly instead of favoring humanity Indian political leaders favors politics.
The one who kills someone gets death penalty in India but the one who kills thousands gets VIP treatment in India with unlimited support and help. The terrorists and their families are so powerful that they openly threaten the nation India for giving punishment but still Indian political leaders keeps them under cocoon.

Most of the leaders of Muslim communities in India provoke the Muslim majority against India and Hindus. They do brain wash of Muslim people by negative motivation and false information to ignite hatred and anger. These leaders are living in India but also hating India at the same time. They want the Muslim majority to follow their belief and misguide the Muslims against the Hindus and India. These actions are clear reflection of the divide and rule policy of British which divided the nation in past. This policy is still alive and used every time to gain votes and favors.

Hindus and Muslims both know that they are a general public and earning bread and living peacefully under shelter is their only need, there is no point of hating each other when everyone is working hard to progress. Nobody has time to create differences or prosper hatred, although the religions are different and it’s completely normal as every religion has different rules and way of working but this peace environment gets hampered by every possible corrupt leader who only wants to see destruction of the public and construction of his power and esteem.

This is the biggest betrayal to humanity which is openly done by most of the political leaders in India. The one who is a destroyer, the one who is a murder, the one who kills thousands, the one who takes lives does not deserve a life. A terrorist is a destroyer no matter whom he belongs to and no matter what religion he falls in, the destroyer needs to be destroyed if we want life to prosper and flourish.

India will never be free from terrorist’s attacks and crimes as most of the political leaders play the trump card of religion over humanity. The elections which should be won on the basis of technology and urbanization are still won on the basis of Muslim and Hindu differences.  In reality, nobody ever loved India and nobody favored this country, as everyone wants to convert this nation into something it is not.

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Is sex really a bad thing to do in India?

Is sex really a bad thing to do in India?

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Sex is a beautiful expression shared by two people and frankly speaking it’s just a body need. Just like we get hungry for food our body also gets hungry for sex. But things work different in India. People do sex a lot but they don’t want to talk about it. Indians have a mentality of living in double standards , most of them believe to showcase themselves as a saint but they want to try out everything they could to satisfy their need and desires.

Indian people hide every activity in the name of religion and customs but in reality they have the highest rape rate in the world. Gang rapes and brutal rape cases are usual and still sex is not discussed or even talked about. The level of hypocrisy is so much that besides having sex education in schools teachers do not teach the same to the students. In fact the lesson is ignored and not even discussed with students. Although, curious students do try to figure out the meanings of the words and the pictures displayed in the books which are also not much explanatory.

When curious students discuss the same with their parents, Indian parents ignore the sex topic as if it is the worst thing is the world. From the beginning the topic of sex is kept away from the children and is considered a big taboo, although over population of India is a clear indication of sex activity in India performed by Indians.
There are many negative groups and uneducated freaks in India who are against sex no matter how much sex they have been doing .Sometimes these enemies of sex are so violent that they create riots and disturbances on the love occasion like Valentine’s Day or rose day or on any homosexuality parade.

Sex before marriage or Love outside marriage or inter cast marriage is also considered a big taboo and usually families are boycotted who allow their sons or daughters to choose person of other cast or community for marriage.

India has many popular roads and houses which are known for prostitution and their business is also on the rocks but again to the outside world things are shown under control.

Modern Woman are criticized for their bold clothing and still today the traditional Indian dress known as saree is used as a symbol of Indian woman. No matter in which part of the country Indian woman is residing she has to wear a saree. The reason of choosing this particular clothing is because it covers the complete body part which fosters the ego of the man of the house. Indian men are very narrow minded and doubtful in terms of love and betrayal. Women are always directed to follow the man of the house and in most of the houses timings are laid down for woman for going out at night or coming home early.

Human sexuality is such a big challenge for Indians that the country who is blessed with the label of the land of Kamasutra is running away from the same. Homosexuality or third gender or transgender or you can say lgbt community is discussed only among the lgbt groups and organisation that support it. The rest of the majority of people or government has never got time to discuss it. Indians are famous for blaming the west for the spread of homosexuality in India. They don’t want to admit it as natural phenomena in fact they consider it as a disease.

There is no alertness among people regarding STD’s and there is a great shortage of special clinics for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV. The diseases related to sex are considered a big taboo and there are hardly any clinics that can treat the same with pride or openness. The patient infected with a sexually transmitted disease is considered an alien by people and even by the doctor who is operating the same.

Indian people consider public display of affection as a wrong act besides the fact that bollywood or Indian film industry is crossing boundaries in showing the nudity to the whole world by their over dramatic movies.

Indians will do lot of sex and every activity related to sex will be performed but with the label of sex less country.

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India is rich but its people are poor

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Besides having so much money in India, Indian people live a life of a third class citizen. India has the largest slum colonies and largest population living below the poverty line. Although there is a big majority of tax-paying middle class and rich community but still India is poor. The development is confined to some cities only and that too is dependent on the foreign investments.

 The tax and inflation is rising but the facilities and development is the same - old and obsolete.  Almost every Indian believes that his/her country cannot be clean and developed like other foreign developed countries. Indian population is so much frustrated from their political leaders that they do not seek any hope or any improvement. The hopeless government and the leaders who make situations non workable is the reason for the same.

The corruption in India travels from the top management to the middle management and later end up to the lower management and this cycle repeats at its course. In every new project a new scam is hidden and every time unbelievable amount of money is wasted and consumed in the party fund by the political parties which so ever is in power. The amount of money is so high that if it is used for the development it can construct a new India in a year.

From roads to hospitals to infrastructure to bathrooms, each and everything is either incomplete or is insufficient according to the people. The government in India is more interested in doing business rather than handling administration. There is a very mean ideology set in the minds of people which is ruining the nation every day. Most of the ministers believe that people’s money is their money and hence they will use the same on themselves for their personal expenditures and leisure.

It works like this: a common man gets elected and becomes a minister and after becoming a minister he is a VIP , from big cars to big bungalows to national treasure everything is in his hands , he get so much attached to the surplus money and materialistic comforts that he believes that everything belongs to him and not to the public. This mean ideology is present in almost every minster in India. The decisions these political leaders make on their chair are only the ones which will benefit them and if they are unable to consume the money, they waste the money in frustration on unnecessary activities like giving some 1000 crores to some nation or investing some lakh crores for the making of some statue. The reality is that the value of every item purchased by government is shown five times higher than its actual cost. In this way the surplus money is consumed and distributed by the ministers and is used in the party fund. 

The value of money is not known to most of the ministers in India as it’s not their hard earned money which leaves no space for realization or consideration towards the population of the country which is drained to misery by the very ministers.
People of India are aware about this but they are helpless. They cannot revolt everyday against the unethical activities their political leaders do. So, to compensate for the same, they pay less tax than they actually should. Indian people believe that when their money is not invested for their own welfare then why they should further waste the same.  The government is also smart enough in fetching money from people’s pockets and hence complicated procedures, laws and guidelines are made every year for the same.

Some decisions of government are so wasteful that people live in anger and frustration everyday which is in turn reflected upon their daily life. The funniest part is that even in today’s scenario elections are won on the basis of cast and community instead of development and technology. The divide and rule policy of British is still alive in India and is beautifully practiced in every election by the political leaders. Most of the political leaders are uneducated and some have not even seen a school in their life. It’s so funny to see the fate of Indian people that uneducated people are ruling the nation and are authorized at very sensitive posts while for the lower un-important posts they seek highly educated people with complete knowledge from class 1 to university levels and employed at meager incomes just enough for a hand to mouth survival.

Education gives knowledge to the person and knowledge develops the brain, makes our thinking wider and broader in every sense, we get confident and alert about the surroundings. In every sense education is compulsory for making a person a better human but this important subject is not a priority in Indian politics. How can a political leader make a decision when he is not even educated enough to understand the things?
Any person with any criminal background applies for the political leadership and people have no say at all in this. The only choice they have is to choose from either of the two thieves. Even till date India has many political leaders with bad criminal backgrounds and still things are working at risk.

People never question the government and government never gives the answer. Every political party which so ever is ruling considers the five year span as the golden chance to fetch as much money as they can in their party fund , rest nobody is concerned about anything. Every business groups are entertained by the political leaders no matter how much unethical deal they are offering. The main motive is money and things work like that only in India.

A very small group of people rich in India consist of political leaders, business giants, celebrities, gurus and criminals. Rest of the public ranging from poor to middle class will invest their whole life in struggling and fighting as they are born to tolerate the injustice and eat the leftovers of the rulers of the nation India.