Thursday, July 30, 2015

Is sex really a bad thing to do in India?

Is sex really a bad thing to do in India?

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Sex is a beautiful expression shared by two people and frankly speaking it’s just a body need. Just like we get hungry for food our body also gets hungry for sex. But things work different in India. People do sex a lot but they don’t want to talk about it. Indians have a mentality of living in double standards , most of them believe to showcase themselves as a saint but they want to try out everything they could to satisfy their need and desires.

Indian people hide every activity in the name of religion and customs but in reality they have the highest rape rate in the world. Gang rapes and brutal rape cases are usual and still sex is not discussed or even talked about. The level of hypocrisy is so much that besides having sex education in schools teachers do not teach the same to the students. In fact the lesson is ignored and not even discussed with students. Although, curious students do try to figure out the meanings of the words and the pictures displayed in the books which are also not much explanatory.

When curious students discuss the same with their parents, Indian parents ignore the sex topic as if it is the worst thing is the world. From the beginning the topic of sex is kept away from the children and is considered a big taboo, although over population of India is a clear indication of sex activity in India performed by Indians.
There are many negative groups and uneducated freaks in India who are against sex no matter how much sex they have been doing .Sometimes these enemies of sex are so violent that they create riots and disturbances on the love occasion like Valentine’s Day or rose day or on any homosexuality parade.

Sex before marriage or Love outside marriage or inter cast marriage is also considered a big taboo and usually families are boycotted who allow their sons or daughters to choose person of other cast or community for marriage.

India has many popular roads and houses which are known for prostitution and their business is also on the rocks but again to the outside world things are shown under control.

Modern Woman are criticized for their bold clothing and still today the traditional Indian dress known as saree is used as a symbol of Indian woman. No matter in which part of the country Indian woman is residing she has to wear a saree. The reason of choosing this particular clothing is because it covers the complete body part which fosters the ego of the man of the house. Indian men are very narrow minded and doubtful in terms of love and betrayal. Women are always directed to follow the man of the house and in most of the houses timings are laid down for woman for going out at night or coming home early.

Human sexuality is such a big challenge for Indians that the country who is blessed with the label of the land of Kamasutra is running away from the same. Homosexuality or third gender or transgender or you can say lgbt community is discussed only among the lgbt groups and organisation that support it. The rest of the majority of people or government has never got time to discuss it. Indians are famous for blaming the west for the spread of homosexuality in India. They don’t want to admit it as natural phenomena in fact they consider it as a disease.

There is no alertness among people regarding STD’s and there is a great shortage of special clinics for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases or HIV. The diseases related to sex are considered a big taboo and there are hardly any clinics that can treat the same with pride or openness. The patient infected with a sexually transmitted disease is considered an alien by people and even by the doctor who is operating the same.

Indian people consider public display of affection as a wrong act besides the fact that bollywood or Indian film industry is crossing boundaries in showing the nudity to the whole world by their over dramatic movies.

Indians will do lot of sex and every activity related to sex will be performed but with the label of sex less country.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

India is rich but its people are poor

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Besides having so much money in India, Indian people live a life of a third class citizen. India has the largest slum colonies and largest population living below the poverty line. Although there is a big majority of tax-paying middle class and rich community but still India is poor. The development is confined to some cities only and that too is dependent on the foreign investments.

 The tax and inflation is rising but the facilities and development is the same - old and obsolete.  Almost every Indian believes that his/her country cannot be clean and developed like other foreign developed countries. Indian population is so much frustrated from their political leaders that they do not seek any hope or any improvement. The hopeless government and the leaders who make situations non workable is the reason for the same.

The corruption in India travels from the top management to the middle management and later end up to the lower management and this cycle repeats at its course. In every new project a new scam is hidden and every time unbelievable amount of money is wasted and consumed in the party fund by the political parties which so ever is in power. The amount of money is so high that if it is used for the development it can construct a new India in a year.

From roads to hospitals to infrastructure to bathrooms, each and everything is either incomplete or is insufficient according to the people. The government in India is more interested in doing business rather than handling administration. There is a very mean ideology set in the minds of people which is ruining the nation every day. Most of the ministers believe that people’s money is their money and hence they will use the same on themselves for their personal expenditures and leisure.

It works like this: a common man gets elected and becomes a minister and after becoming a minister he is a VIP , from big cars to big bungalows to national treasure everything is in his hands , he get so much attached to the surplus money and materialistic comforts that he believes that everything belongs to him and not to the public. This mean ideology is present in almost every minster in India. The decisions these political leaders make on their chair are only the ones which will benefit them and if they are unable to consume the money, they waste the money in frustration on unnecessary activities like giving some 1000 crores to some nation or investing some lakh crores for the making of some statue. The reality is that the value of every item purchased by government is shown five times higher than its actual cost. In this way the surplus money is consumed and distributed by the ministers and is used in the party fund. 

The value of money is not known to most of the ministers in India as it’s not their hard earned money which leaves no space for realization or consideration towards the population of the country which is drained to misery by the very ministers.
People of India are aware about this but they are helpless. They cannot revolt everyday against the unethical activities their political leaders do. So, to compensate for the same, they pay less tax than they actually should. Indian people believe that when their money is not invested for their own welfare then why they should further waste the same.  The government is also smart enough in fetching money from people’s pockets and hence complicated procedures, laws and guidelines are made every year for the same.

Some decisions of government are so wasteful that people live in anger and frustration everyday which is in turn reflected upon their daily life. The funniest part is that even in today’s scenario elections are won on the basis of cast and community instead of development and technology. The divide and rule policy of British is still alive in India and is beautifully practiced in every election by the political leaders. Most of the political leaders are uneducated and some have not even seen a school in their life. It’s so funny to see the fate of Indian people that uneducated people are ruling the nation and are authorized at very sensitive posts while for the lower un-important posts they seek highly educated people with complete knowledge from class 1 to university levels and employed at meager incomes just enough for a hand to mouth survival.

Education gives knowledge to the person and knowledge develops the brain, makes our thinking wider and broader in every sense, we get confident and alert about the surroundings. In every sense education is compulsory for making a person a better human but this important subject is not a priority in Indian politics. How can a political leader make a decision when he is not even educated enough to understand the things?
Any person with any criminal background applies for the political leadership and people have no say at all in this. The only choice they have is to choose from either of the two thieves. Even till date India has many political leaders with bad criminal backgrounds and still things are working at risk.

People never question the government and government never gives the answer. Every political party which so ever is ruling considers the five year span as the golden chance to fetch as much money as they can in their party fund , rest nobody is concerned about anything. Every business groups are entertained by the political leaders no matter how much unethical deal they are offering. The main motive is money and things work like that only in India.

A very small group of people rich in India consist of political leaders, business giants, celebrities, gurus and criminals. Rest of the public ranging from poor to middle class will invest their whole life in struggling and fighting as they are born to tolerate the injustice and eat the leftovers of the rulers of the nation India.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Biggest Myth about homosexuality

The biggest myth people carry about homosexuality is a very common and old myth. People believe that gay men or inter sex people or transgender people are the same but in reality three of them are very different from each other.


Gay men or gay woman popularly known as homosexuals are people who like people of the same sex like gay men liking gay men and gay woman called as lesbians are liking female partner. They are happy and proud with their liking and attraction towards same sex which is natural and they are born with this trait.

Image source: internet(GENITAL AMBIGUITY-common disease which makes a person INTER-SEX)
image source: internet (INTER-SEX PEOPLE IN GAY PARADE)

Inter-sex people are those people whose genitals are not fully grown or the genital area has some abnormality. The most common disease they are born with is genital ambiguity which is considered a permanent problem and there are very less chances of treatment especially in undeveloped countries.  Inter-sex people are called as people with third gender in India. Generally the male get female qualities such as feminism, breast enlargement with undeveloped genital area which does not make them a complete person and females get facial hair, manly voice with again undeveloped genital area. The abnormality in their genitals , prevent them from having intercourse or you can say that they cannot have sex because of the disease. The female inter sex person cannot conceive or enjoy intercourse and male inter-sex person cannot enjoy as they don’t have normal male reproductive part. In many developed countries, surgeries are conducted to correct the genital abnormality which is possible in some cases only. But in India they do not have any acceptance or any say at all.


Transgender people believe that they are not born in the right body and hence they dress up in the clothing of opposite sex but most of them go extreme and get their genitals changed through surgery Like many transgender men get their genitals removed and get female genitals implanted. Besides this they also take hormones to change their body type like woman taking male hormones like testosterone and getting breast removed is another major step many transgender women take in order to act as a man. To become a complete person they have to go through multiple surgeries which are very costly and sensitive. Due to lack of support and less money many transgender people live life without surgery but some desperate transgender males get their penis castrated and even join inter-sex community for survival.

The most common myth people carry is that all of them are same which is totally wrong.
The fact is that homosexuals have still gained some level of acceptance as they are just like every normal straight person, only the difference is in their liking which is only expressed in the bedroom.

 On the other hand Inter sex and transgender appear different to people specially because of their actions and appearance. People find it difficult to adjust with the person who is not complete and hence they face harassment, ignorance and hatred. It’s the most cruel side of human nature that the people who deserve sympathy , love and support are not even considered human just because of the tragedy they are born with.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Why government does not legalize homosexuality?

Why government does not legalize homosexuality?

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Every country has different rules and regulations and every country follows their set of principles on which their constitution has been established. Well law and order is in the hands of the government and besides following old laws, it is necessary to implement obsolete laws and build new laws according to the scenario. Issues and disturbances are established if old obsolete laws are imposed on the public. Homosexuality is one such issue which is still present in today’s society.

Homosexuality is present since history and its evidences are present since hundreds of years but still uneducated political leaders don’t make any law which can make the life of homosexuals better. There are many communities in India who are leading a life of third class citizens and homosexual community is the first and foremost in that. The basic human rights are not given to them and it’s been years they have never experienced the comfort of marriage and love and happiness as there is no law which supports their identity.

Indian ministers are so afraid about this issue that they don’t even want to talk about it. The Indian ministers have been ruling and wining elections on the basis of cast and community but homosexual people have never been a topic of discussion.  It feels so strange to see that there are people who are living a life where they cannot love or marry the choice of their own partner just because they are homosexual and they choose person of same sex for love and marriage and not of opposite sex. It’s a tragic reality of India and many countries where homosexuality is still illegal.

But the most important question is why government does not legalize homosexuality? 

Why they are ignoring this community? As a political leader the main job of the ministers is to play politics and that’s what they do with the issue of homosexuality. They project that homosexuality is not acceptable by people but in reality nobody cares what you are doing in your bedroom or to whom you are living or sleeping with. The term unnatural given by these narrow minded people is simply foul as oral sex or anal sex or foreplay is a part of sexual pleasure and that can be done by any two individuals whether they are male or female or both male or both female. Moreover nobody is knocking in your bed room to see whom you are having sex with. The fact is that it’s all about physical satisfaction and its two people who decide by which act or by which way they are getting pleasure.

Legalizing homosexuality is the first step which will allow two people of same sex to enjoy sex but to live the rest of the life together marriage is also important. For that besides legalizing homosexuality, a new law that allow marriage of two people of same sex is also required. The ministers and political leaders believe that this is a very big and bold step and if they will legalize homosexuality, more people will stand out for their rights as besides homosexuals there are many communities in India who are fighting for their basic rights like inter-sex community or community with low cast.
Indian political leaders have been granting numerous benefits and reservations in big lucrative jobs to the people of low cast but in reality the real deserving candidate for this is people with no human rights like homosexuals or inter-sex people who have been facing exploitation and harassment since centuries.

Political leaders invest public’s money more in their party fund and less in development and solving these critical issues will require money and presence and dedication for which political leaders are not ready.

Illiteracy and superstition has been since history in India and it has been spread as a viral which does not allow people to see beyond the things. The people carry a narrow minded behaviour with no development or change in mind. They have been living their old boring life where they believe that every person is born for marriage and procreation and there is no other motive of mankind which is the most pathetic ideology inbuilt in the hearts of most of the Indian people.

If some majority of people consist of men who are living with men or some females are living with other females what difference it causes to the world? Heterosexuals with biggest majority are responsible for over population, rapes and gender dominance issues. At least homosexual will never create over population as most of the homosexuals are not carrying the further generation , whatever majority is present they will be living their life and concentrating on themselves only unlike heterosexuals who are giving birth to uncountable children and creating more load on the environment and country as more population means more usage of resources. 

Don’t consider this essay as anti heterosexual as this is not a merit or demerits essay of heterosexual or homosexual community. It is a step to make people realize that every person has right to live and progress and enjoy freely which is the basic human right and banning or stopping someone from this right is clear violation of basic human rights which is the biggest sin heterosexual people are doing intentionally or unintentionally.

The government can easily make a law for the support of homosexuals and nobody will react in a negative way. In fact people need change for development and progress. When government increase taxes people tolerate it , when government makes amendments and laws people follow them so there is no point of quarrel or issue but again a true and good intention is required to create a change for the betterment of people and Indian political leaders have been famous for being heartless.

(c)Pulkit mohan singla

Saturday, July 18, 2015



Why it becomes so impossible for us to accept our son or our brother or friend who has came out of the closet. Why human sexuality is a big deal?

The first reaction of every parent is same when they get to know about their son’s true orientation. Most of the parents believe that it’s coming from a bad company. Somebody is spoiling him and there first step is to force him to boycott all his male friends and invite female friends in his group.
Parents believe that he is confused or misguided or he is still immature and they force him to grow up as a man. In order to make him straight some curious parents even take their son to night clubs, make them watch straight porn and stuffs like that and motivate him to erect his macho behavior and spoil woman and use woman as it is a source of pleasure.

They even provoke him and attack him verbally by questioning his identity as a man which includes negative remarks of feminism, bad words and inhuman comments to make him dissolved in guilt and anger. They believe that by passing this tough test he will eventually shout out loud to fuck a woman and not a man.

Besides this hard work they also take the shelter and help of the people who authorize themselves as gods angels and perform numerous black magic’s and prayers on their son in order to change him into a straight man.

Although science has given great evidences about homosexuality , but still there are many doctors who play with the emotions of parents and fetch handsome fees in exchange of some non workable tests and medicines which are given to the gay patient.

Usually after all these practices the result is zero as parents are trying to change nature and in reality nature never changes. Humans have to modify and develop themselves according to nature.
The last remedy is marriage which is forcibly done by different pressurizing techniques like emotional black mailing, verbal attacks, threatening and even man handling. Parents believe that marriage will solve the problem and once he will get in touch with a female he will forget the impact of male on his mind and body.

The most interesting fact is that most of the parents play politics with their own son. They understand the issue and they very well know about it. Marriage is the solution as well as the remedy as from the society's point of view their son is married. Hence he is straight. The society is only interested in seeing bachelors getting married and they live happily ever after story is already assumed and imagined in mind. Nobody has time to look in the bedrooms to see whether the bed is broken or not. Parents are not concerned for the future of the son at that time. Their main concern is ego and reputation which is fully fostered by the marriage ceremony. Secondly dowry is another bait which they cannot forget. Marriage brings dowry and no matter how much the marriage will last, the starting is always happening as from friends to relatives to society, everyone forgets and are least bothered about your sex life. They are only worried if you are not married.

Most of the parents choose girls from poor families because of the same reason. A girl from poor family is already under pressure by her parents. Money and materialistic assets and facilities make her deaf, dumb and vain.

The politics is so much involved in families that even the brothers of the groom take chance to flirt and consume the bride as sex is already absent in her married life and many girls even surrender and choose this path where she is a slave who is fostering the sex need of the husband’s brothers and also doing household jobs as a lawful servant. Well this only happens with girls who are poor or who do not get support from their families.

Parents usually defend their gay son after marriage as bride complaints to mother in law first and foremost about the sex report card of the son. Quarrels, fights, verbal attacks, man handling, threatening everything unethical is the usual scenario of such marriages.

One of the most interesting reasons behind forcing the gay son for marriage is money and property. When a gay son denies for marriage, it is a clear indication that he will not have any child. So the present property and status and money will be consumed by him in his lifetime and later it will be given to someone who is either a relative or to a stranger or to any orphanage. Nobody wants to give their hard earned money or their property to charity and hence the next generation is a must which is only possible if the son gets married and gives birth to the son. It has also been noticed that besides that if the parents have more sons apart from a gay son they are not much worried but if the gay son is all alone or the parents have daughters apart from a gay son the situation will be the same. Most of the parents do not wish to share their property with their daughters and hence the gay son is forced to hell to get married and ruin everything.

Sometimes gays are also seen married with kids but having children is still a mystery as sex is crucial for birth of a child and when there is no sex, the birth of the child is in question.

In many adverse situations, the child is of the gay groom’s brother or any other relative who don’t mind in having sex with the groom’s wife. Children are also adopted and even surrogates in many situations to complete the family. Many modern woman take divorce to save their rest of the life but in most of the cases both the partners live together as enemies and both of them has double life and multiple partners to spice up the controversial boring destiny.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Is homosexuality really curable?

Is homosexuality really curable?

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Homosexuality is one of the most controversial and confusing debatable topic that is discussed everywhere today. As most of us don’t know much about this issue and we carry countless confusions and misconceptions regarding this topic. The most common and popular misconception regarding homosexuality is that is it really curable?

Well everyone has answers about it no matter they know about it or not. The people who think that homosexuality is a choice and not a natural thing are plenty in number and the people who think that it’s a disease are also plenty in number and these misconceptions are common .

The most uncommon misconception about homosexuality is carried by bisexual people. As bisexual people are attracted to both the genders, they consider every one as bisexual and they also think that everyone in some phases of their life feel attracted to same sex apart from opposite sex. No one knows how much right or wrong they are but this ideology provokes them to consider homosexuality as a choice and not a natural creation.

There is a big majority of homosexual people who are not happy with their life as they face humiliation every day. In order to get acceptance most of them are constantly working hard to find out ways to change themselves and convert into bisexual. 

The most common source of inspiration are bisexual people and the lessons they get from their bisexual friends regarding conversion as bi are hilarious and dramatic as the most common thing you will hear from a bisexual guy is “that it’s all mind game and once you set your mind and consider your wife as a man and do everything with her by imagining her as a man you will be able to perform good sex” but is that really workable?

Can a gay guy at his wedding night perform sex with his wife by considering his wife as a man? Don’t you think that this looks more like a funny game, completely distinct from reality and can a woman really tolerate a submissive husband who experiments and hesitates in bed with nervousness and excuses?

There are unlimited saints and doctors who offer treatment for homosexuality but are they really real? Millions of parents throw their dear gay child in the arms of greedy people who make big promises and snatch big amount of money from sad desperate parents who quest to change their gay child eagerly.

Well different people have different thinking and there is very less source of real information and knowledge about human sexuality in India.

One of the most common reasons for these misconceptions and wrong information is no advancement and more inclination towards black magic and orthodox spiritual thinking.

Homosexuality is not a choice as if it’s really a choice no gay men is stupid that he will live a lonely life , he will probably switch to another choice and that is woman but unfortunately this quality is only blessed to bisexual people which not only creates confusion but also creates homophobia among uneducated confused people.
Why anybody will choose a tough life for himself when he knows that he can change himself. 

Why a person will stick towards being gay if he can also get attracted to woman? Why a gay men will face harassment and disappointment when he knows he can love a woman and live a happy married life. The real answer is he cannot. He cannot change himself as it’s not a choice; he is born with it which is why he has no option except facing and tolerating all the injustice and harassment by straight community. No matter how much gay men try they cannot provoke their attraction towards woman as they don’t feel anything by a woman’s touch.

Most of the parents don’t understand this fact and even if they understand they don’t want to believe it. They don’t want to live with this fact that their son is gay. Whole life parents work hard to earn money and reputation. They live some dreams and they want to achieve those dreams in their old age. Marriage is the most common dream parents live but homosexuality of their son will not fulfill this dream. 

Moreover, they believe that homosexuality will affect their reputation in the society. They get so much concerned for their reputation, their dream and their ego that they forget that the one they are fighting with is their own child and first and foremost their son is a human being and then anything else. They torture their own blood to so much extent that they violate even the basic human rights of their own son.

The government and society negligence towards this issue also play a major role in this as there is a great shortage of awareness programs and educational workshops about homosexuality.

Parents who are already under the pressure of society follow old tradition of mistakes by torturing their son every day to change their son into someone he is not. They believe that marriage is the only solution to every problem which is another mistake they do by forcing their son to get married.

They ruin the life of their son as well as the life of the girl who is innocent and unaware about the reality. They cannot accept their son but they are ready for all the problems and consequences which this unsuccessful marriage will bring as it contains betrayal and disappointment.

These marriages take a very sad and destructive role in the end and intentionally or unintentionally parents ruin their own blood.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

How servants can ruin your entire life?

How servants can ruin your entire life?

Servants are the most important helping hands for us and since history their existence has been fruitful as well as dangerous.  We hire servants according to our work load and financial capacity.

Today most of the educated or working women avoid household jobs as they don’t get time and some of us even consider these jobs not according to our level.  We are dependent on the servants to so much extent that we are ready to please these servants through salaries , gifts , food , incentives and even lot more than that to get our work done.

The most basic household jobs like cleaning utensils, washing clothes, moping are done only by servants today. We are less dependent on machines and more on servants for these jobs.

The problem arises when we forget that servants are there for services only. Just like any company who offer services, servants are people who offer services and charge money for the same.

For our convenience we often employ servants who can stay in our houses or at our work place, the reason behind this is more work and better utility which is a common thinking we all carry.

A person who is a servant is generally a person below poverty line and that’s why they are doing that job. Allowing a person coming from poor background to stay and mix up in our house is like keeping food in front of a starving child.  The poor people live a life of misery where they are deprived of basic amenities like good food, clothes and even shelter. We may give them food, clothes and shelter but introduction to our life excites them towards better things which we are already availing like better clothes, mobile phones, laptop, TV, cars, bike, jewelry and money off course. It’s not bad to feel attracted to these materialistic things but it’s not possible to get all of these luxuries in a salary especially at a lower level. The urge for these materialistic assets provokes them towards crime as crime can easily help them in achieving these tempting baits.

The most basic and common crime servants do is stealing which is the easiest way of getting things which they cannot afford easily. It becomes difficult to keep a track about things in house or office as there are so many things which cannot be counted in a house/office. 

Crime takes a very serious mode when servants start hating the master. It has been seen that almost every servant hates his master. The reason of hate can be jealousy, anger and even lust. We often scold our servants because of many reasons. A servant mentality is different from a master’s mentality. A servant believes that he/ she is doing very hard work for which they are not getting enough salary and a master believes that we are paying huge salary but the servant is not doing the work. These different beliefs give rise to crime as both the thinkers consider themselves right at their place.

When a servant believes that he/she is doing hard work and salary is not up to the mark, they start creating problems in the working environment. Most common problems are created intentionally by doing less work, by doing dirty work , by breaking expensive things of the owner , by making excuses , by being absent and even by being argumentative. Most of the servants after creating these problems at work quit the job and switch to other job but some stay in the same job and create problems till they are not fired by the master. The level of problems is created to such a high extent that it can even ruin the future and present of the master. Most of the masters ignore the dangerous signs servant is showing and tolerate the revolting behavior.

We often tolerate the servant just because we have not got other servant in hand or we are totally dependent on the servant or even because the present servant is trained according to our work and schedule but keeping the unhappy servant is like keeping a snake in your house. If a servant is unhappy, he/she will make sure that you should also be unhappy.

The most dangerous activity servants perform is polluting our food through various things and making us sick. The intensity of anger can even lead to poisoning of our food by servants which may lead to serious illness or even death.

Our biggest mistake lies in a fact that we attach ourselves close to servants as we start treating them a family member just because they have been serving us from some couple of years. We expect love and loyalty from them just like we expect it from our blood relatives. We become so careless, dependent and lazy in their presence that we forget that yesterday only we have scolded them for a particular mistake. A servant always remembers his position and they never attach themselves with the master. Their sweet voice or smiling face does not guarantee loyalty and complete trust.

It has been noticed that serious crimes have taken place in houses where families start and end their day with the presence of servants. The most common targets are children and the female members in the house specially the housewife. Housewives are the one who take work from servants and also live with them the entire day. Anything can happen in the absence of the boss of the house especially when woman master is alone.

The most dangerously proved servants come from placement agencies. It is such a shame that almost 90% of girls and women are brought from villages to cities through betrayal. The agents give money to the parents and purchase the girl for their benefits. These girls get exploited physically and mentally by these placement agency workers and they dance on their tunes for survival. Most of the female servants work according to the placement agency and give necessary information about the house outside like going and coming timings of the bosses , money involved , activities of the owners etc which lead to crimes at the end.

It’s always important to keep a distance from servants and also to keep things in private. Too much indulgence of servants will expose the master’s activities and plans and can lead to bad consequences. It’s advisable to have alternate options like dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum cleaners, dryers and other utility machines at home. Today these items are easily available on installments which prove to be loyal and safe as compared to servants. Avoid leaving your house for servants no matter how much good they are as you never know what lies under the skin.

I am not against servants or people who are working. this article is based on the news and crimes conducted by servants and is written for your safety and better life.

Too much encouragement to servants to use your house and machines will make you an outsider and will make them your boss.