Pulkit mohan singla

Pulkit mohan singla

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Reality of Real estate world of gurgaon city...

The Reality of Real estate world of gurgaon city...


Being an art and design lover and as a passionate interior designer, I always loved everything about gurgaon. I always used to feel proud in being the part of gurgaon as I and my ancestors have been here since a very long time and we have seen the old gurgaon and the new gurgaon and also the changing story of gurgaon city. It’s really divine to see so much changes and development at such a large and grand scale. The most surprising thing is that the main development which gurgaon has seen is in real estate sector and this development is appreciated as well as criticised by people of gurgaon city.

The real estate sector has been manipulated and nourished at the same time by the property dealers on large scale. Gurgaon has seen a tsunami of property dealers and that is the only reason which made the properties over priced in some places and undervalued in some places. Every next door person today calls himself/herself a property dealer in gurgaon and tries to gain some good easy money.

Earlier the buyers were less and the sellers were more as there was no such building schemes or offers by government and private sector. Moreover , people did not had any intention of getting more land as having one home was enough for them. The old gurgaon has seen middle class on rent and the upper class with spacious bungalows and the most common size the upper class preferred was of 500 sq. Yards.

Although most of the middle class has invested in plots lower than 500 sq. yards but again everyone was satisfied with one big house and the rest who cannot afford used to rely on rent as the rental accommodations were very cheap. At that scenario most of the property dealers were happy with commission and the dealings used to be fare and trust worthy.

As the politics and the government were changing, so the private sector was changing. There was lot of changes being brought together in gurgaon and many people wanted to create a name in gurgaon and they did as they knew their aim and their focus. They wanted to dominate gurgaon in the real estate sector and this vision provoked them to purchase as much property as possible. When politics and business meet, it creates wonders; people call it corruption but in other term its development. Large and large scale of properties were given to the business men who wanted to change the future of gurgaon but this was not a gift , it was an exchange deal which benefitted the elite class and the politicians . The properties went higher as new and innovative projects stepped inside. Starting from flats to malls to corporate parks to independent floors, gurgaon knew what it really wants. Well the old gurgaon was still experiencing and enjoying its old complexes and houses but the new gurgaon opened the doors for every outsider. The people who cannot imagine having their own house can actually afford a 2 bhk to 3 bhk flat which created a boom in residential sector. The residential flats were constructed on a space jet speed and it was hard to hold a single flat as everyone was interested to be a part of gurgaon. The builders were able to give flats at cheap rates because of the land they got at undervalued rates as it was not an easy task to get flat at such low prices but it was actually happening.

The plots nearby the builder flats also got some price increased as some were adjacent and some were behind the residential buildings. The most benefitted group was the property dealers who gained commission as well as high margins in the plot dealings as most of the people were unaware about the actual rates and the high rise buildings and breathtaking views created an illusion of being in a very super, super, super first class place. The greed of property dealers had been increased to such an extent that a new way of doing business was created by property dealers. The seller used to be misled and conned by some group of property dealers and his/her property was purchased in very cheap rates and again sold to another person in over priced rates. This new business strategy was widely distributed and it created a monopoly of property dealers which destroyed the dreams of having own bungalow of many people.

The local people who wanted to become a future builder but had no contacts with politicians or VIPS were forced to purchase land at the market rates or at the rates artificially created by dealers and hence their independent floors were expensive as the cost of production and land was according to the current scenario. The people usually compare the independent floors with flats as they are unaware about the bigger picture and hence a local person who dreams to be a builder without contacts has to struggle very hard to make a  name.

Well the real estate world of gurgaon has been developed more and more every day with new and different ways of building methods. Old traditions of building were gone and new and innovate styles took place. The architects and designers gained respect and value and work at uncountable scale. There are still many sectors which are untouched and needs attention and development and surprisingly the same old cycle of development is in process on large scale.

Well every property dealer is not corrupt but the most interesting fact is that everyone wants to become rich and the one who holds most of the property is rich in gurgaon.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The life of landlords in India

The life of landlords in India

There is an old say that” FOOLISH BUILD HOUSES AND WISER LIVE THEREIN” and this saying works well in India. 

We are a developing nation and we can learn a lot from developed nations but still we are using old laws and regulations. Watching at today’s scenario, we see corruption everywhere and one of the most common corruption is created by tenants. 

 There are uncountable rental disputes in India and millions of cases are still pending. I am hereby considering tenant as the only villain because they have proved this from centuries. 

The most common rental disputes are when the tenant refuses to vacate the landlord’s property and occupy the property permanently. Property here can be a land or shed or shop or house or flat or floor.

Well this is a most common corrupt attempt but still law and order supports tenant in every way. Tenants have numerous grounds on which they get success and landlord is considered a foolish whose duty is to give shelter to the tenants and wash their dirty laundry.

The most common allegation tenants make in the court room are of bad living environment and demerits of the property they have occupied.  Thinking logically, why they take such a property (house, shop, floor, land) on rent which is under developed or is not up to the standards of the tenant. They can look out for another property but they never do that.

 In fact they behave like they own the property and consider the property as their permanent residence. In these cases most of the time lawyers get the decision in favor of tenants and landlord is forced to pay more amounts on the maintenance or even construction of the building or shop or whatever it is. The landlord’s financial crises are not taken seriously and if the landlord wants his property back for his own need, he has to file a court case to get his property back. 

What kind of law and order is this? A person who has given his property on rent can’t even get his property back just like that? He has to give some solid reason to get his property vacated.  Common it’s his property and it’s his right when he wants to rent it and when not, how can he be deprived from his own thing?

Most of the tenants misuse the landlord’s property by doing damages to the space and the structure and there is no law to control this activity.

The properties which are occupied permanently  by tenants from many years are not less in number. The biggest drawback with this fact is that the tenants are still paying very less amount as rent, sometimes some couple of hundred rupees but the property value in today’s scenarios is in crores . The property tax raised by the govt.  is in lakhs which the landlord pays and the rent landlord gets is in hundreds. 

Moreover if the landlord tries to raise the amount of the rent again he has to knock the door of court and again there is no hope to get justice easily as a normal rental dispute case takes 10 to 20 years to solve and even after a favorable judgement the landlord has to pay extra amount to the police to get his property vacated as the stubborn corrupt tenants are always ready for every corruption.

In many cases the tenants has owned many shops and still they never vacate the shop they have taken on rent , their main intention is to force the landlord to sell the shop to tenant at cheap rates or get handsome amount if the landlord wants the property vacated.
The open blackmailing of old tenants for lakhs and sometimes crore cannot be controlled or prevented as there is no law in favor of landlord.

This corruption by tenants is on such a large scale that many people have made a profession in this field. Most of the builders purchase these rent disputed properties in very cheap rates from landlords and then get the property vacated by man force.

The one who is a sufferer at the end of the day is landlord as he has to go through long pending court cases, harassment, no money or very small amount of rent, he is the one who is forced to sell his property in loss or has to pay handsome money to the tenants to get the property vacated.

Most of the people today don’t prefer to give their premises or offices or shops on rent as they know that the landlords are not considered the citizen of the country India.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Torture of mankind

We always consider our self superior than animals. Although human beings are also animals but we humans have came far away from animal category. We have made such remarkable achievements that no animal of this world can imagine and no other species exist to compete with us. In fact we rule the world and we rule the nature and animal kingdom. 

We transform and use everything according to our need and want no matter what will be the consequences. It is a known fact that humans have done uncountable tortures on nature from deforestation to animal trafficking to disturbing ecological balance to pollution and no matter how much we read about this, we know that we cannot change it in anyway. Although many people have came forward to do something against the damage like in case of deforestation we can do opposite of that and that is A-forestation as a return compensation of nature. But what happens when we do something really unique and brutal for our personal monetary gains. Well humans are doing it since years and there is no realization about it. Yes I am talking about torture of mankind. This torture is not showered only on nature but surprisingly we humans shower this torture on animals as well as on us. There are uncountable cases of torture on animals from killing them for their skins and teeth and nails and bones to chopping them for meat and brutal adjustments in their body language for transportation use. We may treat these living creatures as non living and modify them according to our need but we forget one most important thing that they are alive, they too feel pain, and the amount of torture humans do is unbelievable. 

Well animals are helpless they don’t have power to change this phenomena or take revenge or give same torture to humans but humans are stupid. They forget one thing that nature is the mother of all and it has its own ways to punish humans for their sins. From tsunami to hurricane to any kind of natural calamity or disaster, everything is an act of nature. Although nature cannot choose humans one by one to punish them but yes nature shower their torture occasionally to make humans realize that what they are doing is wrong , the direction in which they are moving is wrong and the activities they are doing needs to be changed.

But humans are humans why they will stop?

 Why they will notice the natures alert? 

Humans live in a pride illusion that they are the most powerful creatures of this world but they are not, at least not above nature.
The torture of mankind has been extended to such an extent that humans torture their own species, their own people for their different selfish motives. Uncountable murder cases, rape cases, robbery, exploitation, corruption, assault, terrorist attacks, and other disasters.

 All these activities take millions of lives. Humans may feel sad and alert for a short duration but sooner or later they again start their journey of torturing nature, animals and themselves. This cycle will never end until and unless humans realize the importance of nature, animals and other humans.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

i dont want to be your friend

Trust me its good to be alone. I always wanted a good friend circle , i always begged for good friends but since school i never got chosen as a friend and was never accepted, i know its weird but its a fact and i was like why?

Am i the one who needs a change? or may be i am very possessive or i am too straightforward and i was keep on blaming myself that there must have been some weakness in me that's why i am being rejected and i started to build an imaginary friend and that was my reflection and i made that imaginary friend to do whatever people used to say and act and i found myself to be the one who do not require friends at all.

I always cared for people and may be it was over care and possessiveness but still i was trying my best to find out my demerits and my mistakes and its so cool to know that lots of people do not deserve me at all.

I figured out that i take my life seriously , in fact too seriously , i discuss my problems with people , i am too emotional and sentimental , i am not plastic , i don't have attitude , i don't know buttering , i don't know how to please others to make my jobs done , i don't like gossiping..

all these things contributed and i was left alone and it feels good to be alone because i am what i am. I don't have to pretend to be someone else to be with some people. At start it hurts but later you love it.

i was asking too myself then what friends are for?

if they don't care about you

if they treat your emotions as emotional drama'

if they get jealous easily

if they don't want to hear your story

if you cant trust them

then what ..?

seriously today friends are just to hangout to watch movies or to play or for some or the other advantage???

There is no meaning of friendship . I often read in books that friendship means knowing each other so well that understanding each other from the soul but that all information turned out to be fake in this real tough mean world.

people called me obsessed , they called me crazy , they thought i was a pile on , just because i was emotionally connected to them.

i think that they really didn't deserved my care ..and i was such a fool that i didn't realized that they are ignoring me but they are still with me to get there works done. how mean?

when i saw this mean face of friendship , i was so overwhelmed and happy to see my foolishness and i wanted to slap myself thousand times but that thing will not change the world so i was just regretting and that's all i could do at that moment of time. 

well friendship is just a word and every one has its own definition  The real meaning of friendship will always remain in books as humans don't do what they say..

Friday, July 5, 2013

Is being a sex freak good or bad?

Is being a sex freak good or bad?

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Such an amazing question came to my mind when my girlfriend ditched me and her last words were “go to hell, you are a sex freak”...and I was laughing at the poor girl fortune because she really lost the most precious gem because of her low stamina and bad luck. She must ask my boyfriends how much precious and extra ordinary I am , as I offer unlimited time of comfort without getting ejaculated soon but as I said earlier she didn't have guts to tolerate my banana .  

Are sex freaks really that bad? Or is it me who is doing something unnatural?

Well sex is fun, we love it and that’s why we have girl friends. I admit the fact that bisexuals like me are considered sex freak by society as we need both the genders to satisfy us completely but why it’s so bad? Why I am the one who is the villain in the whole sex game?

Are woman not sex addicts like man? And the term (sex freak) should I take it as a compliment or an insult as I believe there are lot of couples who consult fertility and sex clinics for their low chemistry or 
pre ejaculation or impotency. I was asking her badly to marry me and also promised her that I will quit my bisexual nature and will concentrate towards becoming more straight but cant help it now , by the time she will read this article , I will go for other girl , specially the one who can enjoy sex without complaints.

Being a sex freak always makes you insecure from inside; well you are lucky that you are reading confession article of a sex freak without paying anything, lucky chaps. Anyways being a sex freak always makes you believe that sex is the only and most important thing in the whole world, you can imagine the degree of importance by reading this example:   

India and Pakistan match is coming and its last over is running and you cannot detect who would be the winner and you are dying by curiosity and boom your phone rings and your girlfriend wants to meet you right now and you choose sex above that crucial match.

Well from the morning to the night sex freaks invest their time in things which offer sexual satisfaction. From pornography to sex toys to dirty messages to phone sex to casual sex to real sex , its like sex is earth and the sex freak is moon , revolving around it without any hurdle and break and luckily we never ever feel bored or tired.

 Frankly speaking, sex freaks biggest mistake is that they go for wrong combination, I mean to say like small lock and big key and it never works. The formula of opposite nature attracts does not work with sex freaks as a sex freak will always be considered disrespectful and disgraceful by a sex less or you can say ordinary sex lover who enjoys 2 or 3 times in week or are happy with small romance or short 5 minute every day sex. The chemistry never works.

 Another mistake is considering sex as love. Although we like our sex partners who are good in nature and often interact with them besides sex as we feel good in their company but considering it as love and attaching our self emotionally always brings tears at the end as love demands commitment. An open relationship where people spit there sexual aggression with multiple partners cannot love every partner with honesty as relations are made on the basis of skin and body and not on the basis of feelings and emotions.

The term sex freak itself is stupid as labeling someone as sex less and someone as sex freak is generally a verbal attack out of jealousy and hatred generally done by friends and acquaintances. If you are a busy person and you prefer work over sex, sooner or later your very own girlfriend will label you as sex less and if you are free or have any part time job or you can say very much available, you will not just sit and chat with your girlfriend, you will surely do something and sooner or later she will label you as sex freak as you are available every time and whenever you meet her, you don’t drop her home without tasting her little bit.

The state of equilibrium or you can say perfection can never be achieved and no matter whatever you do, you have to welcome likes and dislikes, appreciation and criticism as people will defiantly say and comment as it’s their job.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My online life (must read)

My online life (must read)

“Yes I am busy let me do my own stuff; please don’t interfere in my work. I have my own life. Yes! It’s my online life.”

This is a common line parents listen from there melodious children when they try to disturb them while they are surfing any social networking site. Generally, every social networking site has same elements and features which are highly addictive and catchy. From adding unlimited friends to frequent commenting, poking and tagging, it’s all about this only. Surprisingly we consider our self pretty modern as we are availing internet services and getting connected to millions in seconds. We utilize our maximum time in adding people randomly and most of us are online because of our school or college mates or work mates but how much we interact to them online on daily basis?

 I guess very less as some are available and some not and in case we want to have a quick talk, we consider chat option which ultimately convert our 10 minutes talking into half an hour conversation. Well it’s not about utilizing time for right thing or wasting time online, it’s much more than that and that much more is pretty awful.

The biggest problem arises when we add random people and we feel attracted to them, it’s an obvious thing that opposites attract and no matter you believe it or not social networking sites are the biggest dating sites in reality. You just see any profile and you feel attracted or carried away , you simple poke them or add them and that’s it but its not compulsory for them to entertain us and reply us back as everyone has their own likes and dislikes.

 Another most funny thing which is quite popular today on social networking site is following the influential like herds, people surprisingly kick their egos and self esteem and follow the arrogant famous entities that got some big bunch of followers because of their position or body. The herds or you can say mad followers like and comment on every post of the Mr. Perfect profile and some get replies and some don’t but still without wasting a single chance or any single post they worship these perfect profiles like they are worshiping any almighty.

Frankly speaking it’s best to add those who acknowledge you and your efforts, no matter the number of friends will be less but the impact will be great. Adding stupid people randomly who are obsessed with themselves is the biggest mistake people do , looks matter but not at the cost of your self respect as getting nothing but ignorance from the person you like is nothing but a violation of your esteem and respect. So consider those who consider you as no matter how much social networking site you browse, you will not become a millionaire.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

who considers sex at priority? and why we compromise sex for money? ( Must Read)

who considers sex at priority? and why we compromise sex for money? ( Must Read)

Every child male or female has sexual needs and it’s a very obvious and common thing we all know.  We believe it or not we notice and feel attraction towards opposite sex or same sex at the time of puberty. Well guys have the biggest benefit of being a guy, they just explore there private parts without hesitation and till the age of adolescence, they get good experience of sex and they feel sexually satisfied in every way, this experience is a general experience of more than 90% straight guys, there are very few who remain innocent and some are homosexuals so they don’t get much outdoor ways to explore there inner desires. But talking about girls things are very different for them, they cannot explore their desires so easily and openly.

 Gender is the most powerful identity that separates and distinguishes a man from a woman and this difference is rightly understood by illiterate and poor people in India. They very well know the roles of the genders and the limits and liabilities and that’s why they engage and transform there coming generation into respective roles which creates a well balanced atmosphere. This balance is in a very simple form which advocates that man and woman should get married at earlier age and woman should do household work only and man should go out and earn the bread. Well thinking from urbanized and modern view this concept may look outdated and obsolete but it has uncountable benefits. Well I am not advocating early marriage here but the most influential and powerful benefit of marrying in young age is fulfillment of sexual desires. The guy’s report card does not matter but the girl always needs to be clean and clear in every way. Even in the most modern sectors we have all the new people with old thinking and expectations, there conservative mindset compels them to demand a clean and clear girl for their most corrupt son. Early marriage prevents chances of getting ruined and back stabbed, a common thing which happens in love affairs. The second thing is protection and a good environment which is a gift to household woman as they do not have to face the tough and greedy environment to earn bread but the question is who cares about these benefits of early marriage. Today in urban India the trend is so much changed that pregnancy, abortions, love affairs, assault, exploitation are the most common things young woman face before their marriage and man who should work hard and earn bread feels helpless in earning bread, there guts force them to marry a consummated girl who is allowed to sleep with their boss but must bring a descent amount at home.

But why money is so much considered on priority in high class sectors that it fades the importance of respect and dignity. The reason behind this is materialistic lust which undoubtedly dominates the sex need. Most of the modern guys of metropolitan sector understand the fact that sex is just a feeling, a way to satisfy the body needs which last for some minutes only and which does not mean anything. They believe that there love and lust are different things. They are not emotionally connected to there fuck buddies so it’s not a crime to have extra marital affair and this thinking further advocates them to accept girls who had uncountable boyfriends. The young carrier oriented man understands the importance of money, they need status and that too very quickly, they don’t want to invest their whole life in working and waiting, they need results and we all know that wining a battle matters not the method applied.

Surprisingly a poor man has greater need of money than a high class man and the poor off course knows the real importance of money but still he values dignity and respect more than money .