Thursday, January 28, 2016

I wish I could be your tenant...

The over leniency towards tenants in India has given immense guts to tenants to commit corruption and crime openly. Occupying someone’s property and not vacating the same is a crime, especially in the eyes of the property owner. The landlord has right to use his property as per his need but the law does not think so. 

We are still following obsolete laws which advocate that a landlord has to give solid usage reasons to get his property back from the hands of the tenant. This absurd law may give relief to the greedy tenant but it is a discomfort able situation for the landlords in India. It is such a shame that the landlords are bound to pay a very high property tax as per current scenario but is not entitled to charge the rent according to today’s framework.

 Well this pathetic situation is faced by those landlords whose properties are encroached or occupied since many years by tenants. There are millions of properties which are under control of the tenants from more than 50 years and they have been paying small pennies in shape of rent even in current plot, although the pennies are enough to feed the landlord with one meal of burger but expecting decent value is simply like hoping for stars here. In some severe cases, the tenants don’t even pay any rent and ask for millions to vacate the property. 

This open blackmailing is known to everyone including the administration and the government but still no one has stood for the landlords till now. A landlord has to wait for almost 10 to 20 years or may be more than that to get their property vacated through law and even in that huge money is invested in shape of bribes to get the justice. 

Generally 10 years is considered the quickest time in rent cases in India. No doubt tenants have a very good life in India as the law favors them blindly. No matter how many properties they encroach and no matter how much millions they demand for vacating the property, they will always be at a better position. Soon the coming generation of landlords will think twice before renting their property as they know that being a tenant is better than being a landlord in India.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Finally the crime has won...

Indian leaders have proved that India is not a country of law and order. It is such a shame that the brutal monster is carefully protected and released out freely by the court. Besides advocating the rights of that criminal, court and ministers also advocated for his reestablishment by granting aids and incentives to the culprit. It is such a disgusting law that does not acknowledge the victims pain and helps the culprit in winning the battle. It was the most horrifying case recorded in the history of crimes. 

The juvenile here whom we are taking about was a culprit in the Delhi brutal gang rape and he was one of the most brutal among the 5 rapists. The other 4 rapists have been granted with capital punishment which was given under the pressure of public outrage but still the punishment is not implemented till now and on the other hand the juvenile is freely released from jail after 3 years of tolerant imprisonment besides the fact that there was a very little difference left between his young age and adult age. The law and order was so blindly followed for this juvenile culprit that even the court didn’t feared god while giving freedom to this culprit.

The public was crying out loud as nobody has seen the picture of that juvenile and nobody knows how he looks like but still the leaders and the court didn’t felt  important to disclose his image even after knowing the fact that he has done rarest of the rare crime. The person who did not deserve life, the one who took someone’s life so brutally is granted freedom by the rulers of India with the excuse of law.

Everybody knows that how cheaply ministers play with law and order in India but in this case authorities became so law abiding that they didn’t wanted to make any single change in the law for punishing the juvenile. It clearly shows that the freedom of juvenile was important for the court and the ministers and not his imprisonment.

Even in juvenile custody it has been reported by the media that the juvenile didn’t have any single realization about his action and in fact he is ready to make new fortunes in the terrorism world. Besides knowing this dangerous fact the ministers and legal authorities didn’t felt it necessary to even consider this important.

 The incident of 16 December 2012 gave plenty of time to the government and to the ministers to take an action but still they were careless and ignorant about this. Today after another public outrage an upgraded juvenile bill has been passed. But the funniest thing to notice is that this bill was passed after the release of that culprit juvenile.

It is such an ignominy that the government failed to pass even an ordinance when he was caught. This new law does not cause any affect on that brutal juvenile as he is already released out. The most terrifying thing is that besides being an independent nation we are helpless to punish the monster that has crossed the height of barbarity.

Talking about the new amended law for juvenile the law seems weak at the start itself. It may have converted the age limit of 18 to 16 but still the punishment offered to culprits under this law is imprisonment only up to 10 years maximum which is very less for the brutal crimes like this.
People say age is just a number but in this case this number has given plenty of reliefs to the culprits who are establishing new methods of viciousness. Such culprits are a danger for the society even if they fall in the category of child.

The pain and acuteness is only felt by the common man or by the parents of the girl who died in this tragic incident. 16 December 2012 is a black day for the nation and will always be especially because of the injustice the girl has faced. Hence, the words of the nirbhaya’s mother are true and define this article very well, " Finally the crime has won".


Is India a safe country for woman?

India is not at all a safe country for woman and this reality is well known to the people of India. The country may flaunt its culture and secularism to the world but in reality it is the most unsafe place for woman. India has a big scale of rape cases including gang rapes and brutal rapes and murders. No matter how much brutality the victim has faced, the law and order is criminal friendly. It has been seen that in most of the cases rapists who get capital punishment order by lower court or high court gets life imprisonment or even bail after some years of jail. The strict punishment in most of the cases has been transformed into lenient imprisonments due to political stress and vote politics.

The rape tendency is increasing and the rape crimes are establishing new numbers every day. The law and order favors criminals rather than victims. The biggest example of that can be seen in the case of juvenile rapists and murders. the juvenile rapist or murderer can be sent behind bars for only 3 years no matter how much brutal his/her crime is. The most recent case can be seen in the rape case happened on 16 December 2012 where the main culprit of brutality was juvenile but was released free after 3 years of jail. Although this incident provoked millions of people in India and this case faced a big public outrage but still the ministers and the court didn’t cared about the sentiments and severity of the situation.

The protesters were harassed and tortured on the streets by the police who were standing in support of the victim.  The insensitivity and ignorance has created a situation of intolerance among the masses and this incident clearly shows that India is not a safe country.

There are uncountable brutal rape crimes in India and millions of rape victims are still hungry for justice but again India is known for late justice and most of the time no justice. The people who are actually responsible for this are the political leaders, the police and even the law for their weakness and careless attitude.

People and their lifestyle is developing and changing and also longing for new developed laws according to the current scenario but still India is known for blindly following obsolete laws. Thousands of crores are spent uselessly and the result is zero. Besides obsolete infrastructure there is huge illiteracy and poverty rate which is also a contributing factor in crime.

The streets are not safe and even the basic amenities like street light, public bathroom, telephone booth; police headquarters are deficient in number. The urban developed cities of India have over populated uninvited illiterate guests in high majority migrating from undeveloped states and villages. These migrants are poor and mostly fall below poverty line. It has also been seen that in most of the cases the rapists caught are from poor backgrounds and are basically a migrant from other states and villages. But still the government failed to monitor the ever increasing population of migrants in the developed cities.

Things are so worse in India that it can be said that it is a situation for emergency for woman in India. The common man does not have any trust left on the political system and law. The people are self aware about the complexity and discomfort and they usually prevent themselves and the woman of their family by asking her to come early in evening and rest prefer to keep their ladies homely.

The victim gets defamation first and justice later which is the real cause of less complaints and more crimes. Most of the victims face torture from cops and lawyers and hence they face the crime and quietly live with it. This tendency has given confidence to experienced rapists to do as much rape as they can.

Besides countless rape crimes the government and the political leaders have been a very big failure in terms of woman safety in India. It is advised to prevent yourself from such crimes y self guarding and alert as trusting the government bodies seems like a joke today.In reality India is a country where a woman is neither safe inside the womb nor outside it.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Is India juvenile criminal friendly?

Is India juvenile criminal friendly?

It is such a horrifying situation in India and such a nightmare for the innocents who got victimized by the attack of juveniles. It’s been years and juveniles in India had been doing serious crimes like murder, rape and even the rarest of the rare crimes but they can be punished only up to 3 years of imprisonment. 

The law, the court, the ruling party and the Parties in opposition all are ignorant and insensitive towards the severity of the situation. The biggest example of the careless attitude can be easily seen in the Brutal Rape and Murder case of Nirbhaya happened on 16 December 2012. It’s been 3 years but all of the above well known powerful entities failed to pass any law or ordinance for the punishment of the juvenile rapist.

 The rape incident which was the most brutal in the history of crimes is taken lightly by the rulers of India. In this current scenario he is out in public looking for his another prey which he can destroy. The most horrifying thing is that his identity and image has been kept secret by the law which creates another uncomfortable and dangerous situation for the common people and specially girls and woman on streets. The government and political leaders are not concerned about this as their family and their life is protected by security so the affected party is common woman and girls. 

The case which provoked millions of people to come on streets has faced tragic loss as the legal system and the leaders of India has created a win win situation for the culprit juvenile. The world is watching India and specially this rape case as it was the most brutal and most disgusting but still the political leaders didn't even cared about the image of the country in front of the world. 

Today when that monster is out , whole India is crying out loud for justice but the rulers and the political giants are enjoying their golden times in their big luxuries palaces. No one is concerned about this issue and no leader has time for it. The humanity and the sensitiveness towards someones pain has been lost already. The ministers are blaming each other for this big loss and big failure. the ruling party blames the opposition and the opposition blames the current rulers. The ordinance , the law and the bill for the juvenile criminals got lost in the ego , pride and lust of both the parties and the one who was the sufferer was the victim of the gang rape and the current sufferer will be the millions woman and girls on streets. 

The most important thing to notice in this is the weakness of law. The advantage given to this brutal rapist has come into notice by millions of juveniles in India and there is some good majority of juvenile criminals who will be taking advantage of this law and will be free after a lenient imprisonment of three years. 

soon the day will come when the army of juvenile criminals and juvenile terrorists will be flaunting their riffles and guns on the streets as they all know that in India the law and leaders are juvenile criminal friendly.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Why my government is killing me by cigarette?

Although it’s a known fact that we do not trust our leaders and this matter of doubt has been increasing with every new government. Most of the Indians believe that they are first class citizens who are availing third class treatment. Apart from inefficiencies and insufficient resources we also live in a dangerous environment, the environment and the life which is adulterated and harmful. It’s killing us but as we all know that political leaders consider money above humanity. There are many things which are not only harmful to nature but also to mankind but still our leaders are silent and ignorant about it. Most common thing which is being produced in abundance is cigarette and tobacco. These items have proved to be dangerous to nature as well as to humans. The biggest problem with the usage of cigarette is that the one who smokes it affects himself as well as others in the most dangerous way. It’s like being punished for the crime which you have not done. 

Cancer is the most awful disease which can happen to you but surprisingly this cancer causing commodity is welcomed happily as it brings lot of revenue and taxes for the government. The government can ban noodles completely from the market but cannot apply the same ban to the commodity which is causing cancer. This proves that money is above humans.

“Smoking is injuries to health, it causes cancer”

Do you think this one slogan is enough to stop this?

Why government is risking people’s lives? Is money and revenue important more than people of India?

Every year hospitals are flooded with patients who are suffering from cancer and most of the people are deprived of right treatment due to shortage of money. They get early grave as reward as this killing commodity is never taken away from the market. Government and political leaders have excuse that this is what people want but they forget the fact that there are only a specific percentage of people who are addicted to smoking but the rest of the country which includes millions of mango people are also suffering the consequences because of some percentage of cigarette addicted people.

Drugs are illegal in India as they kill people slowly but cigarettes which are killing people through painful cancer is welcomed as the money government get in their treasures is far more important than the people of India.

Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer-causing (carcinogenic) compounds and 400 other toxins. These cigarette ingredients include nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT. Nicotine is highly addictive. Smoke containing nicotine is inhaled into the lungs, and the nicotine reaches your brain in just six seconds.

Putting on no smoking boards and highlighting that old one line slogan is not a solution to this problem. As apart from regional smoking bans and public smoking bans cigarette is causing severe damage to the people of India. It’s time to put complete ban on cigarette which means banning the production and manufacturing of cigarettes. It’s important to take this crucial step no matter how much the smoke addicts cry as putting the whole country on risk for some stupid habit is the biggest murder our leaders can do.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Killing humanity on the streets...

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Crime is an awful activity that usually happens in India. Although crime is a common problem in every country and there can be thousand reasons behind the crime but there are some crimes which are ignited on the spot without any reason behind. The most uncommon crimes which occur commonly are the crimes happening at street. People call it road rage but it’s much more than that. Indian towns and streets have always been messy and crowded. The country India is a developing nation where everybody wants to develop themselves more than others. But the problem behind human nature is that most of us don’t know the difference between ego and development. We often consider our ego as our identity which leads us to a state where we cannot maintain the line between our stubbornness and our foolishness.

 Generally all of us have problems in our life; the difference is the level of the problems. Our problems generate anger and pride and most of us exhibit it on the roads.  There are uncountable mistakes we do while travelling and others do who are passing by. Off course we all are humans and humans do mistake but we take ourselves for granted and take others as the biggest culprit we have encountered. There are many cases of accidents noted every day where some or the other is at fault and once our car or our vehicle get injured, we activate our anger mode to injure the person in return. This is a serious criminal tendency we are growing with. Some people believe that education plays the biggest role in this but in reality education is no where required to judge a person’s humanitarian grounds. Today people are so fed up with their lives and circumstance that they are looking for reasons to kill each other. 

Unfortunately the most common place people get for fighting is the streets and the target is innocent people walking by. It’s not that we attack anyone passing by us but if somehow we get into an awkward situation with a stranger, we don’t leave a single chance of quarrel and fight. The most important thing to consider in this is why we exhibit this anger on a stranger whom we don’t even know? Why his one mistake seems a very big mistake to us that we become insane to take revenge from the person? The depth of revenge is so deep that sometimes a normal argument becomes physical violence which ends up with death. In short, why we are killing people on the streets?

There are many factors involved in this. Although anger , pride , ego , vanity and jealousy is a common trait people carry but the percentage of all these demerits are provoked by the architecture and craftsmanship of our streets and towns. It has been seen that most serious crimes are based on the foundations of useless excuses and unwanted activities. Most common issue among this is parking. Parking of cars has been a very serious issue in India since history, besides so much awareness, the government has been a failure in constructing good towns and cities. From corporate buildings to overcrowded markets to residential sector, parking has been a big issue which have caused serious crimes including murder. People fight like stray dogs for parking and verbal attacks are a common affair which sometimes ends up with physical violence. Besides this fact government has not been able to make constructive measures to avoid this problem and in fact this issue has been increasing with every new day.

Second issue which provokes people on street is traffic. We often get trapped in huge traffic which spoils our time and patience to a great extent. Sometimes the person passing by or the person driving in front of us is slow and causes traffic and sometimes any vehicle causes traffic due to any reason. We often blame the person but in fact the one who is responsible for this is the political leaders, the government and the town planner.

The streets in India are very narrow and even if the street is wide, its most of the portion gets cropped up by unwanted trees, plants and even encroachments by people. The government and the political leaders ruling are not interested in rectifying this issue as they are hardly aware about the severity of the situation. Unlike political leaders the common man does not have any z security to protect himself so chances of accidents and miss happenings are pretty high.

The whole system of town planning is questionable as every new town causes traffic, crowd, chaos and mess.  Pedestrian pathways , the green belt , the two wheeler lane , the four wheeler lane , the zebra crossing , the speed breakers , the signals  etc... All are mixed up in a most unprofessional manner. Most of the green belt is like a jungle where some wild weeds are projected as landscaping. The trees flank outside of the green belt and are generally projecting on the streets causing traffic, inconvenience and even accidents. The pedestrian pathways get cropped up by heavy transformers, electrical polls, wild trees, encroachments by illegal shacks. People in India prefer walking on streets rather than pedestrian pathways which cause great chances of injury as Indian people have tendency of driving cars faster in the crowded towns. The trucks and buses are busy in killing people walking by as they have simple excuse of low visibility. The bikes and two wheelers have inborn jealousy and competition with four wheelers on the streets which leads to frequent accidents and injury. The 3 wheelers popularly called as auto in India are famous for creating traffic jams as they park their vehicle wherever they desire as every corner of the road is their passenger stand. The red lights have no value in India and are just a piece of jewelry for streets in most of the towns and cities.

There are unlimited factors which provokes the devil inside. Forgiveness and kindness are words just written in books but not obeyed by most of the people in India. Although government and political leaders play a major role in maintaining this chaos as it has been seen that most of the towns and cities that are already cropped up by overload of encroachments and traffic are still left untouched. No correction measures have ever been introduced by any political party. Almost every political party in India have been busy in playing the trump cards of cast and religion and since history they are busy in the same. The frustrated common man sees no option except making their own rules and own judgments to live in the jungle of India. 

The people don’t feel scared in killing or punishing others as justice can be manipulated easily in India. We cannot blame the system completely as people are equally responsible in this. There are chances where we can control our anger and ego and can let others go. Kindness and forgiveness is the greatest reward one can give to others. Today almost every vehicle is insured so crying and shouting on breaking of light or any other part is childish. Even in case of any injury in accidents by vehicles, the law and order is there to provide justice to the victim. So instead of being a judge on the road one should behave maturely and not animally.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Is sex the ultimate solution for the success of any relation?

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Most of the people believe that relationships are based on emotions and sacrifice. They also believe that fulfilling the roles of perfect gender and fostering the materialistic needs are enough for the success of any marriage or relation. Good house, good food, clothing and status are considered important to work any relation. The most important and crucial key for the success or work-ability of a relation is never taken seriously and that key is sex.

Sex is the ultimate destiny of any love relationship. Best sex is certainly a guarantee to best relation as sex is the most primary need which humans long for. I have defined sex as primary need because without sex life seems like a nightmare. Our bodies are designed to have sex and in the absence of the same the mind gets irritated and life looks colorless and negative. People have always considered food and shelter as the most basic primary need and have only focused whole life towards this. Even in relationships and marriages, status and money is considered primary in selection of the match .Sex which is a very important part of life is never taken into consideration.

 There is one another important factor which parents forget while matching the horoscopes of their children and that important factor is physical attraction and liking. Physical liking and looks do matter no matter how much you ignore it. In most simple words it can be like an ice cream, you eat and like a specific taste of ice cream and no matter how much expensive the other ice cream is you don’t want it as your taste buds don’t like it. Similarly when it comes to marriage or relation or sex, physical liking and attraction are very important elements. As no attraction and no liking means unsatisfied sex or even no sex. Absence of sex creates mood swings and regular complaints and irritation as body does not feel right.

Besides providing physical satisfaction to the body sex is also a great source of relaxation and entertainment. Physical attraction provokes the sensual zones of the body resulting to better sex with regular and frequent orgasms. But if the partner is not appealing sex becomes just a duty and not an enjoyable affair.

sex has been present since the start of the journey of evolution and every creature and species of this world perform sex. the over dominance of cultures and ethics has created a very negative image of sex in people's mind. although the rate of enjoyment has not decreased at all but the quality and positive reviews of sex has been decreased .

In old times arrange marriages were conducted without the consent of the groom and bride , the liking and physical attraction were never considered important resulting to unhappy and non appealing life. Most of the old generation has lived the life of self sacrifice and patience which was not less than any prison life. There was no common topic of discussion or any quest to satisfy the partner in older times. The woman in older times devoted their life for children after procreation and the man had always been busy in working, the sex life was zero in most of the cases. In fact sex was only done for procreation which was just a duty and not a healthy way of expressing love. Although the younger generation is far more different but again is directed by the ideology of the parents. Even today people feel that sex is a bad thing to do and self expression and need for sex is considered selfish. 

It is really important for people to understand the importance of sex in life. absence of sex has created disastrous marriages and also had given rise to crimes and extramarital affairs. sometimes sex is absent because of some medical problem in one of the partners but even in these cases most of the couples feel hesitant towards taking treatment. sexual problem is still considered a big taboo in India . people consider it as a shame to be incapable in sex and male impotency is the main issue which strikes the ego of many men in India. couples who have a healthy sex life are also pressurized for procreation and if somehow they delay in procreation , society and relatives tend to question first about the health status of the bride or groom. in every manner sex is considered just a duty performed for procreation and not a basic and primary need of body. 

It is impossible to make people understand that sex is not a one time affair , it is a regular worship which needs to be done for the health and well being of couples.